Mens Silver Masks

Shimmering silvers are sophisticated, debonair and classy without being overtly ostentatious, and choosing one of the mens silver masks from the range below will help you to tie together a traditional masquerade look that’s equally well-suited to black tie events, traditional masquerade parties and charity balls.

At Just Posh Masks you’ll find a fabulous selection of men’s silver masks to complete your masquerade ball costume. Silver has long been a luxurious colour, associated with the affluent and refined. And you can make your outfit equally as luxurious and elegant for a charity masked ball, fancy dress, costume party or carnival with a silver masquerade mask.

Perhaps you want to portray the iconic character from Phantom of the Opera with a Phantom style mask in silver, or you’re hoping to give off an alluring charm with a half-face Venetian mask like the Vivian Music mask, which is crafted from papier-mâché and finished with raised silver leaf overlay and given a wonderful antiqued look.

With all the masks at Just Posh Masks made to the highest specifications using premium quality materials to reflect authentic Venetian style masks, you’ll find exquisite designs and great value for money, whether you’re wearing them or putting them on display.

You can take a closer look at our beautiful collection of men’s silver masks below.

Larga Venezia – Silver Trim Eye Mask with Scenes of Venice
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