Tips for throwing the perfect works Christmas party

23 Sep 2016

Christmas Masked Ball Tips

How to throw the perfect works Christmas party

The party season is fast approaching, and any office social secretary worth their salt will be starting to plan their work Christmas party. Gone are the days when it was acceptable to buy a few bottles of prosecco and some cheap party snacks, then hold the party in the conference room of the office. When your team have been working hard all year, they want a bash to remember, without the lure of the photocopier in the corner.

A fabulous office party will not only cement your reputation as the very best party planner in the building, it will also serve to bring the team together in a night to remember, one that they will happily reminisce about for years to come. And everyone knows, a happy team is a hard working team – so it’s a bonus for the boss too!

Thinking of original ideas for the work Christmas party is no mean feat, you need to find something which is fun, will appeal to everyone, and is just on the right side of decadent – which is exactly why holding a masquerade ball could be just the ticket.

Whether you decide to host it yourself, or attend one of the many events around the county, a masquerade ball offers music, dancing and all the fun of fancy dress without having to look like a clown.

Below we’ve outlined our top tips to help you throw the perfect masquerade ball this Christmas.

Organising your own masked ball

  • First things first, you need to set a budget for the event, and decide if you’ll sell tickets or if all costs will be covered by the company. This will determine the venue, food and entertainment you provide
  • Next, find a venue which is big enough for all members of staff. It’s a great idea to choose somewhere that will provide a sit-down meal followed by dancing, making it truly a night to remember
  • Decide on your choice of music. Perhaps you’ll start with a sophisticated band as people arrive and enjoy their food, then as the night progresses a more upbeat music ensemble or even a DJ will really get the party started. Remember a masquerade ball should ooze Venetian luxury, so make sure you choose music to suit the mood
  • Send invitations. Get staff excited and start to generate a buzz by sending out custom made invitations
  • Pick a theme. At Just Posh Masks we stock masks to suit every occasion, from a glamourous black tie affair, to a Venetian carnival, giving your event a theme will help everyone decide on that all important outfit too
  • Hold a competition for the best mask. You could ramp up the fun factor and supply everyone with one of our blank masks and materials to decorate them too, just expect the unexpected!
  • Order some drinks and nibbles. This is a great way to welcome your guests and will get everyone relaxed and ready to party

Attending a pre-organised ball

There is a plethora of event teams across the country who will take on the hard work for you and organise a ball that you and your team can attend. Here are our tips for finding a ball near you:

  • Hop onto Google and search for Masquerade balls happening in your local town or city. Depending on the size of your team, you could book a table or more. This is a great way to enjoy all the glitz and glamour of a ball when there are only a few people in your office
  • Look for local charity balls to attend. What better way to spend your works Christmas party than having fun whilst helping a good cause?
  • There are many specialist event sites on the internet who list all the masquerade balls in your area. Contact organisers early to ensure you reserve your space
  • Contact big hotels in your area or check on their website to see if they are holding Christmas balls in 2016.

Whatever type of masquerade ball you hold this Christmas, your team will be sure to have the time of their lives and to thank you for it.

If you’d like to discuss your ideas and find out about our full range of masks, email

We love parties and have a world of experience which we are more than happy to share!

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