Infographic on the History of Anonymous and the Guy Fawkes Mask

24 Sep 2016

By: Tracy Chandler


History of Anonymous and the Guy Fawkes Mask

The story begins over 400 years ago, on 5 November 1605, with Guy Fawkes. A revolutionary who plotted to blow up the House of Lords. Fast forward to 1982 when the worlds most Googled mask, the stylised Guy Fawkes design, was created by illustrator David Lloyd for the graphic novel “V for Vendetta”

In 2006 the novel is turned into a film, further popularising the mask where a group of protesters, wearing the mask, all march on Parliament.  The image of the mask is also used as part of a popular stickman meme “Epic Fail Guy”, referencing Guy Fawkes failed plot.

In 2008 the mask becomes the face of the “hacktivist” group Anonymous, in which the group uses the mask as an avatar. The Guy Fawkes mask was first worn by Anonymous during Project Chanology, a protest against the Church of Scientology, started in response to the church’s attempts to remove Tom Cruise from the web

Since 2011 The Guy Fawkes mask has been used, around the world, in various protests

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 Infographic on the History of Annoymous and Guy Fawkes

Infographic history of annoymous and guy fawkes

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