How to Make the Creepy Purge Movie Masks

20 Oct 2019

Characters from The Purge Movies

Recreating Purge Movie Characters

The Purge movies are an American media series of dystopian action horror films based on the fictional idea of an American holiday where, for a 12 hour period all crimes, including murders, are legal. These popular films, The Purge, The Purge Anarchy, The Purge Election Year, and The First Purge, the fourth film, a prequel to the first trilogy, are set in Staten Island where the newly elected Founding Fathers of America, decide to carry out this social experiment

There is now a TV Series, also called The Purge, with a brand new series, The Purge 5, coming in 2020

If you want to recreate some of the creepy Purge movie characters then here is our list of how to, with any of the following masks:

Cone guy from The PurgeThe Weird Cone Mask Guy from The Purge: Election Year 

This character is a member of Uncle Sams crew.

Choose from any of our Captain Nose Masks and pair with a blue jacket.

Or decorate your own captain mask. Remember blue is the colour signifying you are a supporter of the Purge tradition

Demon mouth from The PurgeThe Demon Mouth from The Purge: Anarchy 

This character is part of the biker gang and requires a little more work.

Start off with the Blank Fantasma mask or choose a plain Fantasma as your base, and then you require face paints or stage makeup to complete the look by painting the open mouth down your neck.

Pair this with a white vest and leather jacket

Clown face girl from the purgeThe Clownface Girl from The Purge: Election Year 

Choose typical scary clown masks along with any outfit suitable for your Halloween masked ball, or go all the way and don a clown costume

The following characters from The Purge can be achieved with the cream full face Volto Joker Masks or the raw Volto Joker if you want to start the decorating from scratch

two skipping girls from the PurgeThe Two Skipping Girls

To recreate this you need a friend and two of the full face Joker masks. Clothing wise you can choose any outfit, so long as the pair of you are identically dressed

Guy in a hoodie from the Purge movieThe Guy in the Hoodie - All you need is the mask and a hoodie. What could be easier for your Halloween fancy dress costume?

The Hipster Lumberjack - If you already have a lumberjack shirt then don this with the smiling face joker mask

The Polite Leader from Purge MovieThe Polite Leader

Pull out your work suit and pair with this mask and you have one of the most iconic Purge characters

Purge Movie Candy Bar GirlThe Candy Bar Girl from The Purge Election Year

To achieve this, initially sexy, but disturbing, look you will need the Blank White Bauta

Decorate the mask with some red and black paints, marker pens or stage makeup.

Decorate the mouth with some black teeth, splash some red paint around the mouth and chin and scrawl Kiss Me across the forehead to lure your potential victims.

Pair this with a corset, tutu or ruffle skirt, stockings and suspenders, knee high boots or stilettos for a disturbing, but sexy, Halloween outfit

God Character from The Purge MovieThe Waving God from The Purge: Anarchy

The leader of the gang who spends most of his time standing in the back ground, eerily, waving at people.

To achieve this look you need the undecorated white Volto mask or the plain cream full face mask, face makeup to decorate the mask with rosy cheeks, enhanced high brows and pink lips, then a marker pen to scrawl GOD across the forehead.

Pair this with a cape with a hood, or a hoodie, and you have your Halloween outfit

Statue of Liberty Purge Movie MaskThe Statue of Liberty from The Purge: Election Year

This DIY punk rock look from Lady Liberty is easy to achieve with the blank Volto Mask

Firstly you roughly paint the mask green, or any colour you like, then take some red paint and give it a blood splattered look.

Next place strips of LED lights over the eyes in a cross and around the mouth depicting stitched up lips.

If you want to do this on a budget then use illuminating highlighter pens to edge the outer rim of the mask and draw large crosses over the eyes and stitches on the lips.

Finally you need a head band on which you attach seven triangular spikes for the Statue of Liberty headdress. Pair this with a long tunic and a flowing chiffon scarf wrapped over your shoulders and over your arm

Fans of The Purge will know that any mask that covers your face, decorated with blood red splattered paint, to make you look like a monster is sufficient to enrol you as a supporter of the Purge tradition

If you are not keen on decorating your own mask or have simply left it to the last minute, checkout our Dark Knight Masks or pick from our Halloween mask range

Enjoy Halloween folks but beware, you are either part of the Purge or you will be purged!!

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