Christmas Decoration Ideas

13 Dec 2019

Venetian masks decorating a Christmas tree

Using Venetian masks as an alternative for Christmas decorations

Dressing your Tree

This weekend is when most people will be decorating their Christmas tree. Strictly speaking today, 13th December, is the correct day for all those traditionalist, as this is twelve days before Christmas

Some will be digging out the old decorations and some will be going for a new tree, with all new decorations. Whilst the traditional colours of red, gold and green are still synonymous with Christmas, this year the colour to add is blue. Shades of dark blue, aqua and even deep purples, complimented with silver or gold.

Folk are increasingly looking for different ideas to decorate the tree, table or home at Christmas. From using alternative tree decorations such as pinecones, berries, twigs, crystal icicles, faux flowers, and Venetian masks to make your tree unique, and give it that WOW factor, to creating stunning centre pieces on the table for Christmas day dinner

Here are Just Posh Masks we have put together some ideas to make your tree, and home, stand out from your friends at Christmas

Masks and faux flowers are the new baubles for decorating your tree. We at Just Posh Masks will be decorating our black Christmas tree with crystal encrusted filigree metal masks in white, interspersed with fairy lights. This is how it turned out last year:

Christmas tree decorated with white metal masks


Our friends at Isabella Millay, experts in beautiful everlasting flower displays, were recently commissioned to decorate the Christmas tree in a top hotel and used Just Posh Masks purple masks alongside their beautiful gold leaf decorations. We think you will agree, they did a grand job:

Purple masks on Christmas tree

Creating a Professional Looking Christmas Tree

If you want that professional look then follow these simple rules:

1)      Position your tree where you want it

2)      If you are using an artificial tree then tease out the branches and spines to give it a full affect

3)      Add the lights and check they work

4)      Add your tinsel, if you are using it

5)      Add masks, faux flowers or crystals in place of baubles

6)      Add angel hair and then sprinkle with glitter

7)      Stand back, turn on the lights and admire your handy work

Dressing the Table for Christmas Dinner

If you have purchased masks from Just Posh Masks during the year for a one off masked ball then why not dig them out and use them as part of your Christmas theme. Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate your masks for an alternative look:

White masquerade mask placed on a mirror with ribbon


Place a mirror flat on a surface, or on the floor, under the tree, place your mask on the mirror and curl some foil ribbon around it, sprinkle with silver glitter – Effective and stunning

 three masks on cushion with glass of sherry

Position a table near the tree and dress with your favourite cushion or material. Place a full face jester mask on the cushion or material and then a half face Colombina mask beside it. Finish off with a couple of glasses filled with your favourite tipple or spray two glasses with hairspray and sprinkle with glitter

 Big nose Venetian masks displayed with light bulb

Place a couple of mask on a work surface and put a light bulb, between them. If you have spare Christmas tree lights, feed these through the eyes, or place them behind the mask. Perfect for any side, but looks exceptionally stunning if placed on the window sill for the neighbours to see.


If you are hosting the family at Christmas then the food is the most important part but don’t forget the table. Here are a few really simple ideas:

mask on table with ribbons 

As a centre table decoration, place lace on the table with a mask on top and decorate around it with candles and Christmassy silk ribbon

Venetian mask displayed with fallen glass and glitter


Place a couple of masks on the table and lay down your glasses for the guests, then sprinkle gold or silver foil stars around the table. A definiate talking point

 Venetian mask used as a table setting

As individual place settings you will need one mask for each guest. Set your table and then put a mask on each plate to give a luxurious setting. You can go with all different colours, different masks, or all the same, depending on your colour theme and the look you are trying to achieve

This is what you are aiming for:

Christmas table set with Venetian masks

We hope you enjoyed reading this and found some of it inspiring

Happy Christmas from all at Just Posh Masks

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By: Tracy Chandler

Tracy has been in the masquerade industry for over 15 years.

As an expert crafter, she spends her time sourcing, and buying, Posh Masks designs from the Venetian artisans in Venice, along with researching, and compiling, news, views, ideas, and advice on Venetian mask history and design, the modern day masquerade party and the fancy dress world of Cosplay

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