The Carnival of Venice is celebrated every year through Italy, with the first celebrations said to date back as far as the 12th and 13th Century, but its popularity gained significant momentum in the 1800s and it is still remains incredibly popular today.

For a time, the Italian Carnival were simply for children to dress up in fancy dress costume and be ushered through the streets accompanied by adults leaving trails of confetti and sweets. However in the 1980’s the Venice tourist board, soon recognised that reviving the adult form of celebrations would be a huge attraction for the city and now you’ll always see adults donning masks and costumes attending masquerade balls and parading throughout the city.

Many of the original Venetian character masks, such as the Bauta, Arlecchino, Volto, Colombina, long nosed and beaked masks date back centuries and came in simpler designs. However, many of these Venetian character masks have been added to by the Venetians with more decorative and elaborate detailing to give a wider range of masks on offer. Plus there are a number of newer additions, to the types of masks you can buy, such as the Cigno swan mask, Luna, Giglio and cat masks that are also readily available today.

At Just Posh Masks, we have a wonderful collection of Venetian Character masks that include all of the main characters and come in a wide choice of designs and colours, so whether you want complete anonymity with a full-faced Bauta or Volto mask, or you want to tantalise guests with a half-face eye mask like a pretty Giglio design at your masquerade ball or fancy dress party, you can be confident you look just the part.

Tragedia Musica – Harlequin Style Tragic Crying Sad Drama Masks
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