Womens Half Face Masks


With one of the finest selections of authentic Venetian masks you’ll find anywhere, we’re delighted to bring you a huge choice in traditional women’s masquerade masks. Whether you’re lucky enough to be attending the next Venice Carnival, or you’re working with a strict dress code, we have something for you.

Ladies Masquerade Carnival Masks that cover just the eyes

Are you heading to a carnival this year? Maybe you’re taking a trip to the traditional Carnival of Venice, strutting your stuff at Notting Hill Carnival or simply attending a masquerade party. Whatever the occasion, at Just Posh Masks we have a gorgeous collection of women’s half-face carnival masks that will make you look the part.

If you want to be the centre of attention then why not don a half-face carnival mask that’s elaborate, fancy and adorned with jewels and a plume of feathers, like the Moulin Rouge Full Feathered Piena Gold Masquerade Mask. With this style of mask, you’re sure to make a fantastic entrance and you can allow yourself to truly get into character.

However, if you want something more understated, we have plenty of other stunning designs, like the Luxury Dragnetta Half-Mask made from Venetian Filigree Metal Lace. The intricate detailing and Swarovski Crystals and diamantes will make you feel elegant all night long. Whatever carnival style you’re hoping to emulate, whether it’s feathered and fancy or classic and understate, you can rely on Just Posh Masks for quality, choice and exceptional value for money.

Take a closer look at our complete range of half-faced carnival masks right now.

Luxury Womens Venetian Masquerade Masks – Rialto Strass
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