Mens Resin Masks

Our men’s resin masks are high quality, hard wearing pieces that are perfect for regular use or even as home decorations. Available in a multitude of stunning designs, from the authentic full-face Volto mask, to the dark and mysterious phantom styles, they are one of our most popular collections.

With Just Posh Masks, you’ll find a wide assortment of beautiful and authentically designed men’s Venetian masks, perfect for that masquerade ball, costume party or carnival celebration. To give our customers the best choice of Venetian masks, we offer our ranges in different colours, styles made from different materials.

In this section, you’ll find a huge collection of Men’s resin masks that are hardwearing to withstand frequent wear or display, and deliver a high quality finish and feel.

Whether you want to get into full venetian carnival character for a masquerade party with a full-face mask, like the traditional Bauta or Volto masks, which have been worn for centuries, or you’re looking to emulate a more suggestive allure by only concealing part of your face with a Colombina or Jester style, we have plenty of different masquerade masks made from resin to suit your requirements.

Why not indulge your flamboyant side with a fabulous full-faced feathered Volto mask that gives the wearer complete anonymity, so you can make a lasting impression. Or if you fancy something less extravagant, but equally as elegant and alluring, why not don a long-nose Venetian mask available in a wide choice of colours and patterns.

The choice is entirely yours, but you can rest assured that all the Masks at Just Post Masks are made to the highest standard, using quality materials. Get inspired by Venetian masquerade style in our Men’s Resin Mask range below.

Losanga Silver – Harlequin Masquerade Masks for Men
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