Which Type of Mask for your Masked Ball?

28 Feb 2017

Pair of gold masquerade masks

Choosing the right style of mask depends on which type of Masked Ball you are partying at      



Choose a Luxury Half Face Mask

Usually quite formal with strict dress codes

Ladies – Evening dress. If dress is elaborate choose a simple design. If dress is understated choose a dramatic embellished mask with jewels and feathers

Men - Tux and bow tie. Choose a smart mask. Black or white or splash of colour to match your partners outfit. Do not choose full face



Choose any mask

Dress code is not usually stated, however, venue should give you an idea. If held in castle, manor house or hotel dress formal. If held in local village hall dress smart casual. The whole idea of these Charity Balls is to raise money – don’t forget to check with the organiser to see if they have setup a Charity code with Just Posh Masks.

For more information see www.justposhmasks.com/venetian-masquerade-charity-ball

Ladies – Any half face masks, with or without feathers, elaborate or understated. The choice is yours

Men – Any carnival mask, full face, nose, joker or the Bauta. The choice is yours





Choose a luxury half face mask

Itinerary will tell you about colour scheme or theme

Same rules as a black tie ball, Tuxedo and evening dress. Men and women, go for a smart half face mask




Bride and Groom – you set the rules here – simply pick the theme you want, whether it is fun, characterful or colouring, then pick your chosen masks and tell the guests. If you want guests to have masks on sticks then provide flower vases on the tables for them to place in. Makes for lovely table decorations with every table different

If you want to supply the masks then go for ones on sticks and place in large vases in reception or on tables

Guests – check your invitation and follow the rules. If it is a masquerade wedding reception with no rules then go half face. If you are unsure check with the bride and groom




An elaborate affair held every year to mark the start of lent

History shows us here that men dress as women and vice versa. Avoid understated half face masks as you will feel out of place. Think full feather, full face, and elaborate character masks with full Venetian costume




Pick your colour scheme and work around this

Popular theme is to buy blank masks and hand out with invitations, getting guests to decorate them themselves

Girls - Dresses or skirts with smart tops teamed with a pretty mask

Boys – Suits teamed with Colombina mask




Choose any mask that matches your character

Ladies – Your very best Prom dress. Match colouring and decide whether you want your dress to sparkle or your mask. If dress is elaborate go for a plain mask so as not to detract from the dress. If your dress is simple but stunning then add some sparkle and feathers, to your outfit, with the mask

Men – Suit and black tie or Tuxedo. Choose your mask to fit your character

Joker? Then pick a fun character mask
Sophisticated? Then pick a smart half face ball mask in black or white
Thoughtful? Then pick something that matches your partners mask or outfit




There are no rules here unless the tickets give a dress code. Christmas and New Year Balls are fully of sparkle and celebration

With this in mind, choose any mask that takes your fancy, from a plain budget mask to a luxury crystal encrusted mask, from a feathered mask to a Venetian character Bauta or nose mask, the choice is yours

Ladies – If your dress is the “little black number” then compliment it with a plain colour mask, contrast it with a splash of colour, or highlight it with one of our luxury black masks with Swarovski crystals. If you are dressing smart casual, then the same rules apply, match it or contrast it. If you are wearing a fascinator in your hair then don’t choose a feathered mask, if you intend to go for no hair accessories then the feather masks add a touch of glamour

Men – If you are suited then choose from our luxury range for men. If you are going smart casual, then choose from our budget range. If you are celebrating with the “lads” then choose a mask to draw attention to yourself, such as the Captain Nose mask or the Bauta



We have put together an Infographic for quick reference - feel free to share

Infographic on picking the right mask 




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By: Tracy Chandler

Tracy has been in the masquerade industry for over 15 years.

As an expert crafter, she spends her time sourcing, and buying, Posh Masks designs from the Venetian artisans in Venice, along with researching, and compiling, news, views, ideas, and advice on Venetian mask history and design, Commedia dell’arte characters and masks, the modern day masquerade party and the fancy dress world of Cosplay

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