Choosing your mask for a New Year Masquerade Ball

12 Dec 2015

Red and Black Ball Masks

With Christmas sorted (hopefully) we are looking ahead to our New Years Eve celebrations

Many of us we be going to some organised event and, nowadays, many venues theme their party as a Masked Ball

If you have your ticket, outfit and have yet to choose your mask, here is some guidance

Your invitation to the NYE Ball should tell you whether a mask is compulsory or not

Ladies: Now is the perfect time to bring out your favourite dress, whether it is your floor length evening dress, a little black number or a ball gown then follow these simple rules and you should be the Belle of the Ball

If your dress is elaborate then opt for a simple mask so as not to detract from your dress. If you dress is elegant, but simple, then a dramatic embellished mask with diamantes and feathers should be your choice

Gentlemen: Whether its your Chinos, your suit or your tux and bow tie, a stylish mask with a little bit of colour to match your ladies outfit would not go amiss

Take a look in our Black Tie Ball Masks, any of which should be suitable for that New Year Celebration

Which ever mask you choose, bear in mind that a masquerade event usually involves eating and drinking so the half faced masks are more practical as they only cover the eyes

A masquerade ball is a great theme for any party, be it, Halloween, Mardi Gras, New Years Eve, Christmas office party, or a simple birthday celebration.

What ever the reason, just remember, wearing a mask is designed to help you throw off your inhibitions, just as the Venetians intended !

Happy New Year from all at Just Posh Masks

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By: Tracy Chandler

Tracy has been in the masquerade industry for over 15 years.

As an expert crafter, she spends her time sourcing, and buying, Posh Masks designs from the Venetian artisans in Venice, along with researching, and compiling, news, views, ideas, and advice on Venetian mask history and design, Commedia dell’arte characters and masks, the modern day masquerade party and the fancy dress world of Cosplay

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