Mens Black Masks

From classic black eye masks, to sinister devil designs, we’re delighted to bring you an extensive range of men’s black masquerade masks. Whether you’re attending a black tie ball, or you’re looking for a dark and mysterious halloween mask, our authentic range is sure to impress.

A fantastic selection of men’s black masks that are perfect for masquerade balls, carnivals, fancy dress parties and so much more are available from Just Posh Masks, where we help you completely embrace the history of the Venetian Masquerade with full anonymity by donning an authentic Long Nose Masquerade Mask or show your dark side with a Luxury Venetian Filigree Phantom Mask to obscure half of your face and create a true air of mystery to fellow guests.

With Men’s Black Masks from Just Posh Masks, you’ll find a huge variety of masks available to find the ideal centrepiece of your outfit, whether you’re attending a masked ball, masquerade themed fancy dress party or heading to the streets for a carnival.

All our masks are made to the highest standards using quality materials, such as gold leaf, silk and fine lace, to create wonderfully elaborate and decorative masks, regardless of whether you’re portraying a Harlequin, Phantom or Bauta persona

Masquerade Costumes – Black Three Cornered Hat – Size 55 to 62
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