Decorative Wall Masks


Our masks aren’t just costume pieces - these exquisite examples of authentic Venetian art can also be used to adorn an empty space on your living room wall, or add an air of elegance to your entrance hall. Below you’ll find a range of decorative masks that have been hand-picked for their ornate styling, arresting colours and unusual designs.

Are you looking for an ornate and unique decorative piece for your home? Why not take a look at our stunning selection of Venetian decorative wall masks, which are all handmade in Venice and make a wonderful centrepiece to any wall display or dressing table.

We have a wide selection of decorative wall masquerade masks available, including Venetian plaques, jokers, jesters, full-face masks with headdresses and smaller half-face masks like the elegant Cigno swan-shaped mask. Whilst some of the smaller masks can be worn to masquerade balls or parties, many of the bigger Venetian masks feature heavy decoration and are designed purely for spectacular display.

You’ll find a delightful choice of decorations and finishes, from plain and simple animal masks to intricately detailed filigree metal lace variants encrusted with Swarovski crystals and diamantes. For those looking for something truly eye-catching, why not consider our fancy feathered designs like the Volto Piuma Piena or Volto Fiore, that feature feather plumes in sumptuous ostrich and peacock, and come in a variety of colours.

As with all the masks from Just Posh Masks, you’ll find exceptional quality and fine materials on all of our ornamental masks, to create an exquisite finish that will look fabulous on display anywhere in your home.

Tragedia Graphite – Tragic Crying Sad Face Drama Masks
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