Picking the Perfect Masquerade Mask

15 Dec 2016

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Picking the Perfect Masquerade Mask

Masked ball season is in full swing now, and if you’ve got an event coming up, but aren’t sure how to pick the best masquerade mask, then we’ve got the answers right here! We know just how tricky it can be to choose the right one, especially when we’ve got so many fabulous masks on offer, but choose well and you’ll have a night (and outfit!) to remember.


Many masked balls will stipulate a dress code on the invitation, but this doesn’t always include any guidance about the mask itself. There aren’t generally any hard and fast rules about which masks to wear to which events, but there are a few things that you can think about that might help you come to a decision. If you’re going to a very formal black tie event, then it’s a safe bet to stick with a plain eye mask such as the classic zorro, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t wear something a little more out there.
However, if you’re going to more of a venetian carnival, and you might be going in full traditional venetian garb, then you’ll want something more extravagant. Perhaps a venetian character mask or something with feathers. If you’re ever in doubt, then you can always contact the event organisers - they’re sure to be able to help guide you down the right path.


We’ve got lots and lots of colours to choose from here at Just Posh Masks, so you’d be forgiven for taking a long time to choose! Classic black or white will be the staple choice for those attending very formal masked balls, but if you think the event is appropriate for it, then contrasting a simple black dress or suit with a brightly coloured mask could be a great way to go. Metallics are the choice if you’re looking for something a little bit more luxurious, but make sure you don’t pair one with a metallic dress or particularly shiny suit - it will probably clash! If you’re attending a ball as a couple, then it’s always a great idea to go for matching masks, and our couples masks section has lots of inspiration.
It’s also worth noting too that if you’re wearing any accessories, it looks good for them to match or compliment the colour of your mask. So if you’ve already got some jewellery or a bag in mind, it may be helpful to match the mask to those rather than the other way around.
If you’re going for a particular look, then colour will be very important indeed. Go for blacks, blue and purples to evoke mystery and intrigue, if you’re wanting to emulate one of the more devilish masquerade characters, then go with red or orange, and if you’re hoping to be as pretty as possible, then we’ve got several shades of pink for you to choose from.


The decisions aren’t over just yet! Masks don’t just come in different colours, they also come in a variety of different materials. Most are traditionally made from paper mache, but our range extends much further than that. We’ve got everything from leather and lace to filigree metal. Leather masks make excellent eye masks, as they’re comfortable to wear, and slightly flexible too, so they mould to your face. Filigree metal masks are some of our most luxurious products - laser cut and crafted to the utmost quality, they are designed for the most exclusive of events, or for those really looking to make an impact. Character masks generally come in paper mache so that they maintain their shape.


Just like you’d pick the right sunglasses to suit your face, you should have a think about the size and shape of the mask that you’re going to wear. Very large and ornate masks can look a little awkward if you have a smaller face for instance. If your face is quite wide around the eyes, then it may also make sense to go for a more flexible choice for more comfort. Many of our products can be seen on a mannequin, so you can see how they sit on a person’s face. Use our customers Lookbook for inspiration, or the ultimate guide on the right mask for your face shape
If you’re going to be eating and drinking regularly at the event, perhaps nibbling on canapes and drinking champagne, then it might make sense to choose a mask that doesn’t cover your whole face. Having said that, there is one exception, the Bauta mask - this is a traditional character from the Venice carnival, and was designed specifically with the mouth and chin part standing away from the face. Eye masks look good on just about everyone, and are nice and versatile.


If you are going down the more traditional route, then you’ll want to pick a character. They all vary hugely in mask shape and of course the story behind them. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered in this regard - read our article on venetian carnival characters and pick your favourite!

Stick or No Stick

We can attach sticks to just about any of our masks for you, so you’ll need to decide whether this is something you’d prefer. Masks on sticks are great if you’re not going to be wearing the mask for extended periods of time, but bear in mind that they’ll need to be carried more. Ribboned masks take longer to put on and take off, but leave your hands free for dancing! It’s also worth noting that lots of masks will sit better on your face if you’re not holding them up with a stick. The choice is entirely up to you, and if you order a mask without a stick, you can always order a stick later if you decide you need one - we’ve even got a handy video that explains how to attach it.

If you have any further questions about choosing the right masquerade mask for your upcoming event, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we’ll be delighted to give you some advice.


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