How to Pack Your Mask Properly When Heading Off on a Cruise

24 May 2019

tips for packing your mask

Tips for carrying your mask in your suitcase or hand luggage                 

If you’re a seasoned cruise traveller, you’ll already know that themed nights are taken very seriously at sea! Black & White night, tropical night, and 60s night are just some of the traditional events hosted by cruise lines, but right now we’re starting to see a few more themes being thrown into the mix, including the mysterious masquerade ball

This means that if you’re planning a cruise holiday, you’ll need to make sure you have your mask at the ready. But how can you pack a delicate masquerade mask into your suitcase without damaging the design? Here are some great tips to help you out:

1. Make Use of Underwear

If your mask is slightly contoured to fit around the natural shape of the face, then padding is a good idea to ensure it stays in shape. You may be thinking about using tissue paper, but there is something even better: underwear! To keep the weight of your luggage down (important if you’re flying to your embarkation port), making use of small essentials that you need to pack anyway, such as socks and underpants, makes perfect sense.

2. Find a Simple, Lightweight Plastic Tube

Masquerade masks aren’t always as delicate as you may think. In fact, resin and papier mache masks especially are remarkably robust. These types of masks should fare just fine in your suitcase, but for added peace of mind you could keep an eye out for a lightweight plastic tube that is small enough that it won’t take up much room, but large enough to securely hold your mask. This idea is great for protecting embellishments.

3. Choose Carry-On Luggage

Even if your mask is packaged inside a protective tube, you still don’t want to be taking any risks. If possible, try to pack your mask inside your carry-on luggage so that you can be sure it’s being handled with care. When boarding, most cruise lines allow you to take hand luggage onto the ship with you, and even though your cabin may not be ready immediately, you can take a seat, order a drink, and pop the mask into your room later.

4. Choosing Your Cruise Ship Mask

To make packing your masquerade mask even easier, it’s worth taking a little time to think about what sort of masks are going to be the easiest to secure safely inside a suitcase. Delicate swan shapes, for example, can be a little trickier, so perhaps consider a standard eye mask or half face mask, or even a tiara-style mask if you still want a little more shape without the worry. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to make waves!

If you haven't already chosen your mask then take a look at our selection of masks chosen for your masked ball on board ship

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