Masquerade Balls in British TV Shows

31 Aug 2018

A Look at Masquerade Balls in British TV Shows

Finding inspiration for your next themed event, masquerade ball or halloween party can be very difficult and rather unhelpful at times. To try and help you out, we have pulled together some of the different episodes of British TV Shows that feature masquerade events to give you a realistic and achievable source of inspiration.

Celebs Go Dating

         male celebrities in masquerade ball masks

female celebrity in masked ball mask


Getting dressed up for a masked ball with a traditional theme may be easier than a modern take on the classic style. Finding the perfect balance may be he most difficult thing. Thankfully, the girls on the 2018 season of Celebs Go Dating have provided an array of different examples on how to nail the look perfectly. The first tip we can take from their outfits is to match the dress and the mask, or let one do the talking, not them both. Go for a traditional shape and add a modern twist with glitter, feathers, embroidery and other detailing.

For a similar mask to Nadia check out three of our designs:

Ciuffo Gold mask; Luxury Tabatha Gold mask; Iris Piuma mask.

Want to turn everyone green with envy? Check out some of our green masks that are similar to Gemma’s:

Madam Music mask; Luxury Macramé Lace mask; Giglio Gold Leaf mask.

Glitter like beauty queen Emma in these similar masks:

Giglio Fiore Gold mask; Daniela Gold mask; Semplice Fiore mask; Madam Music mask.

For the men out there, do not fall into the trap of relaxing about your outfit - getting a suit that fits well and is tailored to your figure can be a difficult task! Decide on the style and colour of suit you’re after before choosing a mask, then match your mask to your suit.

Go for a vibrant mask like Sam’s: Larga Gold mask; Colombina Settecento mask; Larga Venezia mask.

For a sleek look, copy Ollie’s simple black mask with silver/crystal accents:

Smoking Strass mask; Larga Fiore mask; Colombina Grezzo mask.

Give off a carefree, playboy attitude like ‘Muddy’ Mike in one of these similar masks:

Colombina Commedia mask; Smoking Silver mask; Colombina Settecento mask.


Dr Who - ‘The Girl In The Fireplace’

Headed to a themed party or want the award for creepiest costume, then the masked clockwork droids from this episode of Doctor Who would serve as a great source of inspiration.

Like these evil characters, you too can completely transform into unrecognisable 18th century members of the court in Versailles. To copy this look, you’ll need to get your hands on an extravagant and luxurious outfit with a long coat, pantaloons and a shirt with frills. A wig of any colour would add a modern twist to this costume, but keep to shades of brown to stay true to the villains themselves.

Finish your eye catching outfit with a full face mask that has an unsettling smile painted on. Our Volto Joker Venezia masks are available in a variety of colours to complement your outfit, or make the most of the villainous aspects of these characters and wear a Notte Oscura Volto Joker mask to add a darker tone to your costume.



I Wanna Marry “Harry” - Royal Masquerade Begins

Although this show cannot run anymore, it still serves as a great source of inspiration for anyone heading to a glam masquerade party. With Matt - the Prince Harry look alike - opting for a simple black mask, this is a great example for any man to follow and create a sleek outfit fit for a prince. Match a bow tie with a black mask for an effortlessly classy look, or opt for a more interesting mask like Matt and hint at something more.

For masks similar to Matt/’Prince Harry’ browse a few of our masks for ideas:

Colombina Grezzo mask; Larga Fiore mask; Smoking One mask; Smoking Strass mask.

The girls on the show tried their best to charm the would-be prince into choosing them for his date and put maximum effort into their outfits. Take note of their outfits and stand out from the crowd at any ball in an outfit inspired by these gorgeous girls.

For a delicately innocent mask that will add a feminine air to any outfit, match a white mask to your dress. Check out some of our masks that are similar to the ones worn by the girls on the show:

Daniela Plain mask; Cigno Duo Gloss mask; White Macrame mask; Pavone Lux mask.

Sultry and mysterious, a black mask adds an air to any woman that cannot be explained. To make a statement and appear confident, pair a black mask with any dress and immediately upgrade your look. Here are some of our masks that are similar to the ones on the show: Gatto Lux mask (exact match!); Cignetta Black mask; Daniela Plain mask; Berenice Burano mask; Angelo Strass mask.




Big Brother & Celebrity Big Brother


Big Brother has been adding masquerades into their programmes since 2014 and they have certainly helped spice things up within the house! We were the official suppliers of the masks used in the shows, so you can get the exact masks worn in the episodes. With the broad range of personalities in the house, this is a great episode for tips on how to express your personality through your masquerade outfit. Working clockwise from the top left, these are the masks worn by the contestants on the show:

Matthew’s Gold Leaf Joker Mosaic mask: here

Mark’s Colombina Rombi mask: here

Ashleigh’s Luxury Black Principessa mask: here

Chris’s Colombina Jolly Jester Mosaic mask: here



Strictly Come Dancing

Known for their themed performances, Strictly Come Dancing had a masquerade week for which Just Posh Masks were the official suppliers. As with CBB, this means that you can purchase the exact masks worn by the celebrities on the show. Looking to purchase a mask that caught your eye on the show or looking for some inspiration then here is a list of some of our masks used on Strictly:

Fantasma dell Opera mask: here

Phantom Filigree Metal Lace mask: here

Gatto Fiore Gloss mask: here




The Bachelor

At the traditional masked ball in the stunning Grand Hall, bachelor Spencer Matthews, his friends and the remaining girls in the competition wore masks officially supplied by Just Posh Masks. In an attempt to charm Spencer, the girls pulled out all the stops, donning their best dresses and most eye catching masks. Take note of their outfits for tips on how to turn heads in a sea of others dressed up to the nines.

To look like a suave 21st century eligible bachelor, wear a mask worn by one of the boys in the show like our Luxury Smoking Strass mask or Luxury Colombina Crown mask.

The female contestants wore some of our most beautiful masks, including:

Cigno Fiore Piuma mask; Luxury Vanity Silver mask; Luxury Macramé Lace mask;

Luxury Half Phantom Filigree Metal Lace mask; Luxury Corona Filigree Metal mask.



For further inspiration take a look at our Ultimate Resource blog showcasing masks worn by celebrities in other TV Shows

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