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02 Jul 2018

Masqueraders in TV Shows


TV Shows that incorporated a masquerade ball in their story line

Masquerade balls have always enjoyed a prominent place in popular culture. Ever since they first rose to prominence on the streets of Venice, they’ve been referenced in plays, used as a backdrop for dramatic musicals, and featured in films of every genre.

In recent years, masquerade balls have also become a mainstay of popular TV shows - a staple occurrence that’s used to inject glamour, decadence and a sense of playful intrigue into the climax of a mysterious storyline, or just highlight the upper-class credentials of the shows’ main characters.

In fact, most modern dramas feature at least one episode that centres around an opulent and luxurious masquerade ball; replete with decadent costumes, slow dancing and opulent decor of the sort favoured by French monarchs .

Normally, these balls are used to stage some sort of identity-related hijinks, or to allow characters to act out on their unvoiced desires, but they're  not just a convenient vehicle for plot-related mischief. Every element of the TV masquerade has been turned into a form of high art in its own right, with modern productions going all-out on the set, the mask design, and the atmospheric cues needed to lend proceedings an air of captivating mystery.

Here, we’ve put together a list of the most impressive TV masquerades - profiling the setting, the masks, and any noteworthy examples of enviable costumery.

Whether you’re a fan of The Vampire Diaries, want to throw a Gossip-Girl themed ball, or just want some fresh inspiration, you’re sure to find something here that’ll get those creative juices flowing.

A TV themed masquerade ball could be a fun alternative to more traditional parties, and many of the costumes featured in your favourite shows are an ideal starting point if you’re trying to put together an appropriate outfit. If you want to steal your favourite character’s getup, read on. We’ve unpicked all of the outfit choices, and offered up some top tips on getting the look:

The Vampire Diaries

Season: 2, Episode: 7

Title: “Death at the Masquerade”

 As the title suggests, this masquerade ball is a springboard for all manner of dark and dangerous intrigue; characters impersonate each other, dark deeds are committed and all manner of supernatural trickery is used to really drum up the dramatic tension.

The aesthetics are, for the most part, the aesthetics of modern America: The Vampire Diaries might play with mythology popularised during the Victorian period, but the show is grounded in the present, which is why we find the men wearing two-piece suits, the women wearing gorgeous dresses, and the traditional banquet switched out in exchange for hors d'oeuvres.

The ball is still a lavish occasion though. It’s hosted in a beautiful mansion, complete with manicured lawns, a pavilion and enough elegantly-draped bunting to sink the Ca d’Oro . There’s a particular elegance to the dull colour palette on show throughout too - most of the costumes are monochrome, which makes the few splashes of real colour particularly striking, and there are all manner of decadent masks on display throughout.

It’s the sort of setting that one could expect to find upon arriving at a country club ball, and it goes to show that any space can be used to evoke the spirit of the masquerade, using simple decorations and a strong central theme to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere without the need for elaborate staging.

Because of the modern setting, all of the outfits make for perfect inspiration pieces: you’ll find them easy to replicate, and they’re perfectly suited to charitable functions and other black-tie events with a masquerade theme.

Below, we’ve collated the details of our favourite outfits, and a few pointers that’ll help you to get the look:

Notable Outfits


In traditional masquerade fashion, Katherine, one of the show’s main characters, uses this ball as an opportunity to disguise herself as leading-lady Elena for the evening; wearing a beautifully intricate filigree metal mask with crystal accents, and an equally-beautiful little black dress that serves as striking contrast for her outfit’s decadent centerpiece. Add a dark smokey eye and bold red lip to complete your Katherine/Elena-inspired masquerade ball outfit.

We stock the exact style of mask that Katherine and Elena wore in the episode, so couple it with a LBD and a volumized hairstyle to steal her look.

‘Elena’/Katherine’s mask: Named Mon Armour 

Elena - similar masks are: Chic Fortuna Strass  Uomo

For glasses wearers you could try the Libellula  or the Petal, both of which attach to your glasses frames


Supporting lady Caroline wears another stand-out outfit; capable of turning heads, but also perfectly suitable for black-tie events. Her bold, bright-red party dress makes for striking contrast with the black and white costumes worn by most of the other party guests, and her mask, balanced delicately on a stick, is a more playful option that’s perfect if you want to tease your identity, or don’t intend to remain masked while dancing.

If you like outfits that make a statement, use Caroline as your muse and team a brightly coloured one shoulder cocktail dress with a mask on a stick that matches your hair and makeup.

Similar masks include: Iris Gold, Macrame, Baby GoldColo Swarovski and the fabulous Macrame Paradiso


One of the show’s more mysterious characters, Lucy’s masquerade outfit is every bit as intriguing as her shadowy past, and we also think it’s testament to the level of unique flare that you can safely exhibit at a masquerade ball. Her mask for the evening is a Giglio shaped, half face, glittery gold and bronze mask that compliments her skin tone and bone structure perfectly.

To make a stunning entrance to a masquerade ball like Lucy, be sure to choose a mask that draws attention to your face with light-catching glitter, coupled with a simple LBD. This simple yet classic combination is sure to cast a spell over the whole outfit and evening.

Lucy’s mask is the Farfallina Gold 

Similar options include: Madame Macrame, Giglio Black, Giglio Gold, Madam Music


A witch, a socialite and a (slightly self-serving) heroine, Bonnie evokes her contrasting nature with a gorgeous but complex outfit, replete with complimentary patterns. She’s dressed in a one shoulder, white and black leopard print dress that she couples with a filigree mask; normally a bit of a no-no, but here the complexity adds a really striking edge to her ensemble. Her delicately ornate mask is black, however the colourful gem accents add interest to the ornate design.

If you love patterns like Bonnie, try pairing a relatively simple, patterned dress with an intriguing mask and steal her look. Be sure to make sure that the colours are complementary though!

Similar Masks include: Arlecchina Colour, Smoking, Smoking Strass and Arlecchina Black


Stefan’s mask offers more coverage than ‘Elena’s’ and is a deep red with black glitter accents. If you are looking for a mask to accentuate your jawline, or keep a large part of your face hidden behind a mask of intrigue, the Smoking style mask is certainly one to consider. To achieve Stefan’s air of mystery, pair a dark Smoking Mask with a tailored suit and tie and you’ll be ready to sweep any lady off her feet.

Stefan’s mask is the Smoking Black  

And some similar options include: Colombina Skull, Larga Fiore, Smoking One, Smoking Silver and the Smoking Gold


Embrace your inner dark side and wear a Damon inspired jet black mask with glitter accents. Damon’s mask conveys his dark and slightly dangerous bad boy side with by covering two thirds of his face and the additional horn-shaped edges. Let your inner dark side show by wearing a similar style mask to the next masquerade ball you attend. Worn with a smart black suit and tie, this is an easy look to pull off with very minimal effort.

If sleek and effortless is your style, then take inspiration from Damon and embrace the darkness for an evening.

Some similar masks include: Leather Devil, Diavolo, Phoenix, Joker Love, Vampiro or Joker Double

His & Hers

For a look inspired by both ‘Elena’ and Stefan, our His & Hers Luxury Filigree Metal Masks in Smoking and Vittoria are strikingly similar to the ones the leading couple wear in the episode. With the exact mask worn by ‘Elena’ and the striking Filigree version of Stefan’s half face mask, this pair of masks are sure to make any couple stand out at a ball.

Whether you’re heading to a themed masquerade ball or Halloween party, these luxurious masks for him and her offer a matching couple look while leaving space for individuality.

The His & Hers set can be found here

Gossip Girl

Season: 1, Episode 6

Title: “The Handmaiden's Tale”

Focused on profiling a group of (fictional) New-York socialites, Gossip Girl has always been a fertile source of inspiration for those of us with a keen interest in couture, and Season 1’s masquerade ball is no exception. If you’re looking for a show-stopping getup for your next event, you’re sure to find inspiration here.

Like The Vampire Diaries’ ball that’s profiled above, this masquerade has a distinctly modern feel, which means that everything featured would be more than suitable for a black tie event or charity function. There’s a real focus on aesthetics, with some really bold design choices, and the whole affair feels like the epitome of a modern-day ball. You’ll find similar parties hosted by upmarket hotels in London, Manchester and country halls up and down the country, but you could also throw a ball just like this by draping white fabric and trailing lights across an open space, and then filling the room with mirrors, orbiting servants and mellow, golden light - It’s all about creating a space for your guest’s costumes to do the talking, and that’s evident if you pay attention to the episode in question.

The ball itself is rife with intrigue; characters tease identities throughout, with Jenny (portrayed by Taylor Momsen) trapping one of the show’s most eligible bachelors on the roof, and Dan, a social outcast, using his mask to slip in uninvited - much to the surprise of his potential love interest.

But the costumes are what really take centre stage; with eye-catching designs and stand-out masks on show throughout. We’ve collected a few of our favourite examples below:

Notable Outfits


As one of the leading ladies in this TV drama, Blair  is well known for her interest in fashion, and her outfit for the masquerade ball exceeds expectations. She wears a beautifully understated gown in black and a glittery black mask on a stick to match, and you can put a similar outfit together if you want to play the part of traditional masquerade queen.

To get the look, just match a classic black dress with a delicate mask in a matching colour, and remember, sometimes the archetypical outfit is popular for a reason!

Blair - similar masks include the Lace Macrame, Burano LaceRicciolina Flock Strass, Elisabetta, Bernice Flock

For glasses wearers, you can get the same look with the Petal Glass Strass and Ricciolina Glass Strass, both of which attach to the frames of your glasses


Serena’s outfit is an essay in the power of a strong colour palette. Everything about her outfit - from her hair to her mask, glows with a delicate golden light, and her whole ensemble stands as proof of the fact that you don’t necessarily need a varied colour scheme to stand out from the crowd.

Steal her look by adding a contrasting band of colour to your dress in the form of a sash, and be sure to match your mask to your dress!

Serena’s mask (in white) can be found here

For a similar effect you could use the following masks: The Cuore or Farfallina 


Lacking an invitation to the ball, Jenny wears an outfit that’s genuinely designed to disguise her identity, which means her ensemble makes for perfect inspiration if you’re trying to go incognito too. Her glittery, blue mask draws the eye away from the most noteworthy features, and it’s worth noting that the use of strong, dominant colours really helps to force the small bits of exposed skin into the background.

Match her look by opting for a relatively showy dress, in a striking colour, and then choose a complementary mask that showcases strong primary colours.

Similar masks include: Iris Piuma Silver, Semplice Piume, Venezia Jolly, Semplato, Struzzo Lux, Daniela

In fact, any of our feathered masks, that come in blue will do the trick 


Dan’s mask for the evening is simply and understated, however his all black outfit certainly draws attention. If you’re a conservative man, with an eye for slick and stylish sophistication,  you can engineer a similar look by matching a black suit, shirt and tie with a real leather mask.


While he was barely recognisable behind a gold, half-faced mask, Nate nonetheless commands attention throughout the episode in question. Like his love interest Blair, he highlights the power of tradition, and showcases exactly why the classic looks have so much staying power.

If you’re keen to turn heads, but don’t want to look like you’re vying for attention, pairing a similar, phantom-inspired mask with a slick black suit could be the answer. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel!


One of the episode’s more daring outfits is worn by perpetual-playboy Chuck Bass. His ‘Devil boy’ ensemble really stands out from the rest of the outfits; built around a centerpiece mask that’s full of character, every aspect, from the red suit to the skinny tie, is designed to evoke the same playful daring, which is perfect for the more adventurous among us.

To copy the look, pick a strong character mask, and then put together a complementary outfit that’s designed to really draw attention. Forget about contrast, or the need for restraint, and really push the boundaries.

Some suitable masks include the Diavolo, Plain Joker or our Joker Double 

The Royals

Season: 1, Episode: 5

Title: “Unmask Her Beauty To The Moon”

Following the exploits of a heavily-fictionalised version of the British royal family, The Royals has always had a flair for the dramatic, which is one of the many reasons that it’s become a staple watch for audiences all over the world. Their take on the masquerade ball theme is a particularly interesting one; the show’s costume designers went all-out on the dresses, and everything was designed with a single colour palette in mind, which means that the opulent setting (think fairytale palace ballroom) the sweeping, floor-length gowns and the decadent masks all sync up perfectly - lending proceedings an otherworldly atmosphere that’s well and truly removed from the mundanity of everyday life.

Masquerade balls have always been a transformative event; a chance to escape, and discard your normal identity, which is definitely something that this particular example showcases.

You might find it hard to replicate the lavish decor that’s on show, but the episode still serves as fantastic inspiration for a homespun masquerade ball, and if you’re keen to know just exactly how far you can push the envelope in terms of your masquerade ball outfit, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the some of the costumes that feature here.

The designers drew inspiration from the collections of Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, but you can find similar frocks for much less, and the complementary dress and mask combinations make for excellent inspiration no matter your budget:

Notable Outfits:


Dressed in a stunning strapless white ball gown, Ophelia certainly looks the part of a princess, even if she is only the daughter of the Head of Security. The tight embroidered bodice of the dress contrasts with the layered tulle, floor-length skirt, but matches perfectly with her delicate white lace mask.

To steal her look, rather than contrasting the mask and dress, keep to one colour and stand out from the crowd. Ophelia’s eye catching look also uses her mask as part of her hairstyle, rather than the traditional use of covering the face. The placement of the mask in her hair not only breaks up the colour and stops the white from washing her out, but is also a practical solution for wearing the mask all evening without having to remove it and carry it around. For those who find wearing masks uncomfortable, wear glasses, or simply don’t want to conceal their identity all evening, consider taking inspiration from Ophelia’s elegant up-do.

Similar masks: Lace Macrame, Elisabetta, Macrame Stella, Angelo Strass, Macrame Paradiso, Princess

Prince Liam

As the heir to the throne, Prince Liam should be a conservative dresser, but his outfit is an essay in eye-catching bravery,featuring a show-stopping gold mask that’s definitely not as staid or as conservative as we might have expected.

This centerpiece mask is matched with traditional formal ball attire: creating a contrasting look that only serves to highlight the more opulent elements of his ensemble.

For an eye-catching look worthy of a 21st century prince, match a sleek black suit and bowtie with a mask with modern design. If your prince charming for the evening is reluctant to wear something so bold, opt for a matte version of a more gitter heavy mask.

Similar masks include: Colombina, Occhi, Larga Melody, Larga Mosaic, Barocco Sole

Princess Eleanor

The rebellious Princess Eleanor regularly makes headlines for her outrageous behaviour and scandalous outfits, and her getup for the annual masquerade ball does not disappoint. Her lace, low plunging dress with a high slit, flamboyant feather skirt certainly makes a statement. Her pure lace mask is simple but certainly came straight from a designer shop window and matches her dress and simple lace accessories perfectly.

Steal her sultry all black look by coupling a statement dress with a simple lace mask. Alternatively, take a leaf straight out of her book and wrap a simple strip of lace around your eyes instead of a mask - certainly an eye catching look that is sure to turn some heads.

Similar masks include Fifty Shades Mask, Burlesque, Uomo Flock Strass and the Bernice Flock 

Queen Helena

A vision of glittering gold, the show’s reigning royal wears a large scarf/shawl, heavy in glittering embellishments, and an equally decorative gold headdress. Her mask is also glittering gold, with tassel accents down the side and mounted on a stick, however underneath all the grandeur of her accessories, the queen’s strapless dress is a very simple light gold colour.

To steal this look and attract attention at the event you’re attending, don’t hold back on the accessories, the more jewels and sequins the better!

Take your pick from our Gold Mask Range 


Bodyguards are meant to blend into the crowd and not make their presence known until needed, however Jasper has never been one to follow all of the rules. At first glance, his plain black mask and matching suit may not attract the eye in the same way as Prince Liam’s glittering gold mask, however it is sleek and eye catching for all of its simplicity and Princess Eleanor is charmed by the understated class of the plain black mask.

If you’re after a classic, timeless outfit for a masquerade ball then take a leaf from Jasper’s book and keep it simple by adding a white pocket square to the effortlessness of the look.

Your best bet is to go with our popular black Colombina mask or choose from our black leather range. For a more upmarket look go with the Larga Fiore 


Always one for colourful dresses, Gemma’s outfit for the annual ball at the palace is a rich purple dress with a slightly ruffled skirt and silver buckle at the waist that matches her glittering Ice Queen mask perfectly. Like Ophelia, Gemma wears her mask for its original purpose for a few moments, before adding it to her hairstyle to create a more interesting up-do.

To copy this look, match an equally bold coloured short dress with a glittery mask and you’ll be sure to catch the eye of your prince at the masquerade ball.

Pick from any of our white masks or take a look at our chosen selection, all of which will recreate Gemma's look:

Angelo Strass, Elisabetta, Regina, Diana, Duchessa, Cuore, Cignetta Silver 


Matching outfits are often frowned upon, but Nick’s ensemble is proof that it can be done well: His black and white mask fits well with Ophelia’s white lace one, while still maintaining his own individuality. Nick’s outfit for the evening is traditional in every sense, mixing a classic English suit and bow tie with an original Italian mask.

If you would like to achieve a similar look that is almost too easy to successfully replicate, take inspiration from Nick and impress your date with a charming suit and mask combo that showcases one of the following designs:

Joker Double, Estro Arlecchino, Losanga Silver, Colombina Occhi, Larga Silver



Pretty Little Liars

Season: 2, Episode: 25

Title: “UnmAsked”

Famed for its focus on intrigue, mystery and surprise twists, Pretty Little Liars was always bound to impress us with its take on the (now traditional) masquerade ball episode. If you’re looking for a stand-out example of a modern masquerade ball done well, then look no further than this opulent affair!

Set up as a dramatic way of unveiling the identity of a mysterious character who’s haunted the main cast for two full seasons, this dramatic event is a season finale, and the showrunners certainly pulled out all of the stops: The dresses are an outstanding example of the pieces that are often worn to 21st Century balls, and the setting is to die for.

Faux trees, greco-roman columns and huge chandeliers all add a much, but the gloomy, fairy-tale lighting is the real hero here. If you’re throwing your own masquerade party, remember that low lighting in blue or gold tones can really help to evoke that oft-elusive air of intrigue.

If you’re looking for stand-out examples of costumery, you’ll also be thrilled to trawl through our favourite outfits, profiled below:


Known for her interesting, sometimes dark, but always fashionable outfit choices, Aria’s dress for the masquerade ball certainly makes a statement. The bold black and red number was rumoured to also be a hint at the plot for the episode before it was released. The mask she matches with the dress is a traditional papier mache mask with black lace accents that makes it look unique and is certainly not outshone by her dress. Inspired by Aria’s look, pair a black flock mask with a bold red lip and minimal eye makeup and hope that at the end of the maze, your dream guy also waits.


Dressed all in blue, Emily’s choice of a cool toned outfit flatters her warm skin tone perfectly. Designed to flatter her figure, aqua-blue dress worn by Emily has a unique fitted bodice and a floor length skirt of ruffles. Her simple, sea blue mask with sequins around the edge and small peacock feathers is a very luxurious addition to her elegant outfit. To copy her look, go for a simple mask with feathers that matches the colour of your dress perfectly and have a seamlessly coordinated outfit with a twist.


Dressed as Juliet for the evening, Hanna’s delicate mask and flower crown compliment her outfit perfectly. With glitter detailing and lace around the top of her mask, enabling it to cover more of her face, Hanna stands out as the innocently beautiful Juliet. Steal Hanna’s look and wear a long flowing white skirt/dress with a tight, glittering gold corset, add two small gold chains/belts loosely hung around the hips for full effect. With curled hair, a flower crown and a delicately feminine mask, hopefully your Romeo will spot you in the crowd and ask you to dance.

To get the look go with Iris Gold, Macrame Stella, or our Lace Macrame 


If purple is your colour then take note of Mona’s outfit for the evening, she matches a her strapless purple dress with a large glittery clutch and black filigree mask with purple glitter decoration. To copy her style, make sure your accessories sparkle while your dress is relatively toned down, there is such a thing as too much glitter or try our Purple and Black Farfallina Mask

For glasses wearers go with the Libelulla Glass Strass


Sexy and smart, Spencer manages to portray her two prominent characteristics through her outfit at the masquerade ball. While her yellow dress with black straps is relatively simple, however the Peter Pan collar necklace and intricate Filigree Metal mask add subtle details that liven up her outfit. As her outfit for the masquerade is relatively simple, it’s a great form of inspiration, simply team a long, floor length dress with an intricate mask and let your eyes do the talking. This outfit is perfect for those who prefer more bold makeup or unusual and eye catching hairstyles.

For those that cannot do without their glasses one of our masks that attach to the arms of your spectacles, framing your glasses, is just perfect


What’s a Juliet without her Romeo? With the help of Mona, Caleb becomes Hanna’s 21st century Romeo for the evening in a tailored suit. Paired with a simple black mask, Caleb’s outfit is all black and contrasts perfectly with the off white of Hanna’s outfit. If you want to sweep your Juliet off her feet, then copy Caleb’s look and wear a black shirt, tie, suit and mask. Flatter your jawline by picking a mask that comes to a point at the nose and curves up only slightly towards the ears.

Caleb’s mask is the traditional Colombina Mask 


Surprising Aria at the end of the maze, Ezra initially hides his identity behind a musical and gold themed mask, however the mask is removed as they dance and their relationship becomes known to the rest of the attendees. If you’re a music lover like Ezra then why not let your passion take centre stage and wear a mask with musical notes framed in gold. Paired with a typical suit and tie, be prepared for a few lingering stares, these subtly intriguing masks are sure to attract some attention.

Similar masks that give the same effect include: Colombina Musica, Venice Scenes, Larga Mosaic 


Arriving to surprise Emily, Paige hides behind a deep teal coloured mask with silver glitter decorations that accentuate her eyes and bone structure. Half face, Smoking style masks are traditionally a more masculine shape and have more bold, simplistic designs that are flattering to strong facial features. If you’re after a large amount of coverage, but a more traditionally feminine design and feel, then opt for a Filigree metal Smoking style mask, available in both black and white to suit any outfit. Take style tips from Paige and pair a half face mask with a smart suit to keep your date on their toes and surprise them when you remove the mask.

For more mask inspiration try these: 

Smoking Blue, Smoking Silver, Joker Vivaldi, Larga Gold



Season: 2, Episode: 18

Title: “Masquerade”

Eager for another example of a contemporary masquerade ball? If so, hit US drama Revenge has got you covered. Like the episode of Gossip Girl profiled at the start of this guide, Revenge’s foray into the staple setting offers up an example of a decadent masquerade ball that’d be easy to replicate in your own space

The focus, again, is on the costumes and masks. This means that the backdrop is simplistic rather than opulent; favouring elegant, minimalist decor that doesn't overpower the main characters. To get this look, just drape striking red fabrics in a monochrome space. Bonus points if you can find a venue with high arched windows and white, wood-paneled walls.

There’s plenty of inspiration to be derived from the costumes too. The cast of Revenge are, for the most part, slick and sophisticated socialites and that’s reflected by the contemporary edge that’s on display here: masks tend to be black or white, the clothing tends to be complementary, and the focus is on sharp lines and silhouettes.

This means that you can easily copy your favourite character’s look, and that the resulting ensemble would be equally suitable for a casual party, a black tie ball or a charity function. Peruse the list below for more details:


Dressed all in white with a beautiful white mask with three large feathers to finish, she certainly draws attention on the dance floor. Steal Emily’s style by choosing a mask with feathers to make sure that you’re noticed. Her choice for a mask on a stick allows her to talk, eat and drink without having to worry about her mask. For a more practical, yet incredibly attractive way to wear a mask, follow in Emily’s footstep and opt for a mask on a stick

Choose any feather mask and get us to attach a stick

For similar masks in white we recommend: Struzzo Lux, Venezia Jolly or the Semplice Lato


As the main antagonist of the series, Victoria is naturally dressed head to toe in black, including a black mask. Her dress is a nude, floor-length gown with bold black, glittering shapes. The mask she matches to the outfit is a relatively simple black mask on a stick with some glitter decoration and a feather accent on the side - quite similar to Emily’s white version, although much less of a statement as the feathers are on the side of the mask, beside the stick. Copy Victoria’s effortlessly elegant look by matching an expensive looking dress with a simple mask and some long gloves to finish the look with a little traditional elegance.

Similar side feathered masks include Semplice Piume, Daniela Plain, Cigno Duo Gloss and the  Vanity Plain


Known for interesting and bold suits, Nolan let his suit do the talking in his outfit for the masquerade ball. In true Halloween spirit, his suit was a dark grey/black with silver accents that catch the lights. So as not to distract from the rest of his outfit, Nolan opted for a plain white mask with a glossy finish that ensured that every aspect of his outfit caught the lights. Take inspiration from Nolan and pair an eye catching suit with matching mask and tie for a look that is sure to turn some heads.

Similar masks include our very popular Smoking in white or for a bit more sparkle go with the Smoking Strass


Dressed in the most traditional men’s attire for a masquerade ball, Conrad looks suave in a classic tux and bowtie. While his suit may be the safest option for men attending a masquerade ball, his mask is far from traditional and safe. With silver glitter and exaggerated upper corners of the mask, it is still extremely masculine due to the dark navy colour and the bold shapes. For a man wanting to step out of his comfort zone a little, take styling tips from Conrad and pair a safe and easy suit with a more daring, glitter-covered mask.

Similar masks include Joker Vivaldi, Giglio Silver, Cigno Fiore Cigno Crystal


While he doesn’t feature much in the episode, if you’re looking for some classic men’s style advice for masquerade balls, look no further than Jack’s outfit in this episode. Sleek and simple are the two words that perfectly sum up Jack’s outfit for the ball. A sleek black suit with a white shirt and black tie, and a simple black mask with a glossy finish. What better way to look

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