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14 Oct 2018

FloreSofen masquerading as Batwoman

Interested in Costume & Mask Inspiration from Comic Book Hero Batwoman?

Batman might have been the inspiration for her crime fighting mission, but Batwoman is a comic book hero with her own sense of justice and style. And whether you’re looking for a sleek, glamorous look for a costume party or subtle superhero-inspired styling for a black-tie ball, Batwoman could be just the inspiration you’re looking for.

Not to be confused with Batgirl, one of Batman’s some-time sidekicks, Batwoman  - aka Kate Kane - is very much a superhero in her own right, even if her background and motivations are very similar to the caped crusader’s. A former military recruit from a wealthy family with a history of tragedy and conflict with authority, Kate isn’t an apprentice to Batman like many other prominent DC characters, instead watching his actions from afar and using them as inspiration for her own crime-fighting campaign. She doesn’t have any superhuman abilities, but is skilled in gymnastics, weapon-making and armed and unarmed combat, thanks to her military background.

First introduced as a love interest for Batman back in 1956 to dilute rumours about the nature of Batman and Robin’s relationship – with a utility belt packed with weapons disguised as lipsticks, compacts and hair nets - Batwoman was all but erased from the DC family in 1964 and wasn’t reinstated for more than four decades. But following her reintroduction at the beginning of the 21st century, in DC’s weekly 52 series, and later with her own monthly comic, Batwoman soon re-established herself as a firm fan favourite. And while she may have been missed out in big-screen adaptations of the Batman story, she’s once again a regular in the DC world, with a make-over in the 52 graphic novel series back in 2010 and an upcoming live action debut due to air in December 2018. An Arrowverse crossover from The CW starring the Green Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, the annual special is thought to be the precursor to a full Batwoman series pilot in early 2019 and looks set to put the fiery hero firmly back in the small screen spotlight. Batwoman in her 2018 reboot will be played by Ruby Rose, an Australian model and actress known for her striking look and high-energy action sequences, making Batwoman a current and contemporary inspiration for your costume party or next black-tie event.

Despite her early dalliances with Batman, Batwoman is now seen as a hero for the LGBTQ community, having been positioned as openly gay in later comic and upcoming TV adaptations. Thrown out of the military for her relationship with a woman, Batwoman’s struggle with authority and complex character has made her a firm favourite with comic fans and created a compelling narrative likely to resonate with a 21st century audience when she makes her next mainstream TV appearance.

It’s not just Batwoman’s story that’s had a number of reboots; her look has seen continuous evolution over the years. Her early 1950s mask, mini skirt and cape combo has evolved into a much darker look over time, in parallel with Batman’s constant costume transformations. Later print incarnations see Batwoman transforming to a much darker look, complete with flowing red hair and skin-tight, all black ensemble. DC Comic’s more modern 52 graphic novel series brought her look bang up to date with a striking red bob and futuristic catsuit, reflecting her complex personality and rebellious nature. The more modern Batwoman is a much darker, more layered character than her two-dimensional 1950s predecessor, and her more menacing look is designed to reflect that. Her upcoming TV reboot is expected to follow a similar style.

Whichever Batwoman look you choose to channel for your next costume event, a mask is central to getting it right. For a classic superhero look, try the Hero Black Leather Superhero mask, accessorised with a cape, skirt and boots for a 1950s Batwoman vibe. For the trademark bat-ear silhouette and extra drama, try the Devil Black Leather Mask, or for something more feminine and formal, try the Phoenix Luxury Black Leather Mask with winged detailing.

For something more modern and structural, try a Bauta Plain full-face mask which, while a traditional Venetian carnival design, looks stark and modern when paired with a sleek, super hero ensemble, as well as offering full face coverage when you want to maintain a complete air of mystery.

For a darker, more glamorous look, in line with DC’s earlier 2000s incarnation, try an all-black ensemble with a more embellished mask, like the Anna Strass luxury carnival mask – perfect for bringing a touch of Batwoman glamour to a black-tie ball or classy costume party.

For a full-on modern Batwoman look, stick to the simple Hero Superhero mask but add a pillar box red wig to make sure you really stand out from the crowd. Accessorise the look with long reg gloves and a cloak for full-on DC-inspired glamour and impact.

Despite her slow start, chequered past and a long battle to get back into the pages of DC Comics, Batwoman has earned her stripes as a true hero of the comic book world. And her upcoming TV cameo in a popular franchise is set to catapult her to more mainstream fame, making her an inspiration for modern audiences and a whole new generation of fans. As her following grows, Batwoman is likely to become a popular choice for costume inspiration all year round.

So, now is the perfect time to get ahead of the curve and create a look inspired by one of DC’s most under-rated heroes.


Just Posh Masks would like to thank:

Florencia Sofen @FlorenciaSofenCosplay for her excellent portray of Batwoman

and Florencia Sofen & Fali Ruiz-Dávila Photography for use of the image @FlorenciaSofenAndFaliRuizDavilaPhotography

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