Makeup Tips for Wearing your Mask

07 Dec 2018

make up tips for masks

The best way to do your makeup when wearing a masquerade mask          

When you’re getting ready for a big night out, make-up can make or break your look. But when you’re going to a masquerade ball and throw a mask into the mix, it can be difficult to know what style of make-up to choose. Whether you’re wearing a delicate filigree mask that shows off your make-up or a more dramatic style that shows off one key feature, there are a few basic rules to follow to get your face masquerade ball ready.

Phantom mask on model

Lay the right foundations

Whatever style of mask you choose, it’s likely that some of your features will be covered up for at least some of the night. So, it’s essential to get your skin looking its very best and to create a base that won’t move as the night goes on. Start by applying a light layer of primer to even out skin tone, then add your favourite foundation, working it in with a brush or make-up wedge to create even coverage that isn’t too heavy and that stays put for longer. Add concealer where you need it, under the eyes and around the nose, and finish with a sweep of cream blusher to highlight your cheekbones. Set it with a fine layer of pressed powder, or try a make-up fixing spray to hold your make-up in place while keeping skin looking dewy, not powdery. If your flawless complexion is your best feature, choose a mask that shows it off in all its glory; styles like the Occhialino Half Face Filigree Phantom Mask and Petal Metal Filigree Mask are perfect with glowing skin and just a slick of rosy lipstick.

Carina mask on Model

Create drama with contouring

Covering up some of your features with a mask might feel odd, and as though you lose some of the definition in your face. If that’s the case, you might want to take a tip out of Kim Kardashian’s book and try the art of contouring. Contouring uses concealers and highlighters a couple of shade lighter and darker than your skin to create the illusion of cheekbones, define the nose and smooth out your forehead. It’s quite an art, but if you fancy giving it a try, there are plenty of video tutorials online for you to practice with ahead of your big night out. If you love the definition contouring gives your face, try a mask like the Donna Flock Strass Velvet Mask with Crystals or the Carina Lux Filigree Metal Mask, which sit about the cheekbones, sit lightly on the nose and let your flawless complexion shine through.

Ricciolina mask on model

It’s all about the eyes

Nothing says big night out like a dramatic, smoky eye and as most masks draw attention to the eyes, sultry eye make-up is essential for any ball look. Start by applying a thin layer of light-coloured eye shadow to act as a base, then build up tones of the same colour to create depth and drama. The colour you choose should complement your dress but think about your eye colour too; brown and copper look great with blue eyes, while brown eyes look best with more honey tones. Use liquid eyeliner to create a bold flick along your top lash line and, if you want to make a real statement, run a black kohl pencil along your lower lash and water line to make your eyes really pop. Spritz with a mist of make-up fixing spray to hold it all in place, then add lashings of black mascara to finish the look. If you want to make a real statement, add false eyelashes in a natural style, or ramp up the glam with feathered, glittery or jewelled styles. You might want to put your mask on before you apply your false lashes, to avoid pulling them off. You’ll need to be careful when you take your mask off during the evening too, to make sure your lashes stay in place.

If you want your eyes to be the centre of attention, choose simple, single colour masks like the Giglio Colour, or, if you prefer a full face mask, the Volto Piuma Piena, complete with two-tone feathered mane. For extra sparkle choose styles with embellishments and detail around the eyes, like the Semplice Lato Side Feather Mask or the Iris Piuma Side Feather Mask – the perfect finishing touch for an expertly-applied smoky eye.

Giglio Iris mask on Model

Add drama with a bold lip

If most of your face is covered by a mask, your lips need to work hard to pull your look together. For a classic look, go for pillar box red or fuchsia pink; or you could bring out your inner vamp with a rich red stain. Keep your lip colour in place for longer by first lining your lips with a matching shade, then filling in the centre using a brush – gradually build up the colour in a couple of layers for a more vibrant shade that lasts for longer. If you opt for a bright lip, you might want to tone down your eye make-up, sticking to neutral tones, a sweep of eyeliner and well-defined curled lashes. Click here for Trending Lipstick ideas for the a masquerade pout

If bright lipstick isn’t your thing, try a slick of long-lasting lip gloss in a hot pink or this season’s on-trend warm apricot hues for a more paired down look. To make your lips really stand out, choose a mask with lots of detailing around the eyes to balance a bold lip. Try styles like the Burlesque Ladies Material Mask with Lace and Glitter, or the Giglio Iris Black for an ultra-glam, dramatic look.

luxury masks for glasses

Make your accessories the star

If you need to wear glasses and don’t want to swap them for contacts on a night out, you can still find a mask that works with your eyewear. Apply your party make-up as usual, then add a mask that clips on to your glasses, like the Ali Glass Strass or the Petal Glass Strass, complete with jewel detailing. Not only do these delicate filigree styles fit seamlessly on to your glasses, they show off more of your face so your best party make-up shines through.

Whatever your style, choose your mask and make-up to highlight your best features and ramp up the intrigue.

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