Displaying a Venetian Mask on a Wall

15 Jun 2019

By: Tracy Chandler

cat in a hat mask

What’s the best way to display a Venetian mask?                            

If you’ve had a wonderful time at a masquerade ball and want to keep the memory alive, there are ways that you can display your mask in your home as a wonderful focal point and memento.

Masquerade ball masks are simply too beautiful to keep stored away in a box, so here are a few great ideas for displaying them around your home.

Use a framed box

Framed boxes are an excellent way to display lightweight objects that have special meaning to the homeowner. Newlywed couples often frame and hang small items from the recent nuptials in framed boxes, so why not use one to display your mask instead?

Available in a wide range of depths, colour frames and sizes, you'll be able to pick one of these boxes up online for just a few pounds, and it's a great afternoon project to get stuck into on a rainy day.

Using pins attached to the back of the box, hang your mask in the required position and then place any other small items such as the ticket for the relevant masquerade ball or even your partner's black tie or mask around your own in order to make a real impact.

Create a cluster display

If you’re a seasoned masquerade ball attendee, you’ll probably have several beautiful masks languishing away at the back of a cupboard.

To really make a statement, you can arrange your masks as a wall display in a small cluster using nails or even small shelving units. However, you’ll want to make sure that your masks are kept away from direct sunlight as they could start to lose their colour as the sun’s rays are capable of bleaching them out. Choose an area that’s a little more protected.

LED light boxes

If you have a favourite mask that’s got plenty of sparkle, an LED light box is perfect for illuminating a glittering mask and showing it off in all of its gorgeous glory.

Using glass or clear Perspex, LED light boxes are perfect for shelves or cabinets and contain several tiny LED lights to showcase the object within. They are also reasonably cheap to buy too, so there’s no reason that you can’t buy more than one to display more of your mask collection.

Another benefit of LED light boxes is that they protect your beloved mask collection from dusk and are incredibly cost-effective to power, so displaying your masquerade ball masks doesn't need to be expensive or complicated. 


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