Ideas for the perfect Halloween fancy dress outfit

05 Oct 2016

Phantom Halloween mask

Ideas for the perfect Halloween fancy dress outfit ..........

As the nights close in and the leaves fall from the trees, there is a distinct feeling of change in the air. Halloween marks the transition into dark winter nights, cosy log fires and crisp fresh days. It’s a time to celebrate the passing of the seasons as the year draws to a close, and it’s definitely the time to get together with friends and throw a party.

Falling at the end of October, Halloween, or ‘All Hallows Eve’ has long been considered the spookiest of holidays, and seen as a chance to don a fancy dress outfit and hit the town. What better way to add to the mysterious aura around this celebration than to dress up in a stunning mask?

Traditionally a pagan festival, when it was believed the spirits of the dead would transition over into the other world, Halloween was also a time to prepare for the long winter nights and to celebrate all that has gone before. The tradition of dressing up in Halloween costumes goes back hundreds, possibly even thousands of years, and is one that is enjoyed across the world to this day.

For the kids it’s a time to dress up as a witch or goblin and go to the local disco or to play ‘trick-or-treat’, a game which started in the US and has gained considerable popularity in the UK in recent years. For the adults there is also the chance to celebrate in style, to dress to impress and to host your own Halloween celebration.

Whether you decide to hold a masquerade ball, or you simply want to wear a Halloween fancy dress costume which is original and different, a stunning mask from Just Posh Masks could be just what you’re looking for. Playing on the mystery and allure of the celebration, we have a range of beautifully made masks which will set your costume apart from everyone else. Here are some ideas for fun, dramatic and original Halloween costumes to get you started:

Halloween costume ideas

  • A cat or a bat – long associated with witches, the black cat is slinky and stealth, whilst the bat is a frequent visitor of that Halloween favourite, a churchyard. Our luxury animal masks are made with filigree metal and decorated with crystals and gold-leaf to really add the wow-factor to your costume. Team them with an all-in one catsuit, or a little black dress for that added air of sophistication.
  • The Phantom of the Opera – Tragic and haunting, the Phantom of the Opera is an enduring character which perfectly complements the theatrical splendour of a Halloween masquerade ball. Just Post Masks stock a variety from the traditional white Venetian masks to the black Phantom Flock, as well as ‘his and hers’ Phantom masks like no other. Dress up your outfit with a black cape and suit to add to the drama of your outfit.
  • Venetian character masks – whether a traditional comedy or tragedy mask, a joker or Diavolo, (Italian for Devil), our range of Venetian Halloween masks add sophistication and glamour to any fancy dress costume. You could dress it up with a floor length gown or hire a fancy dress costume to add an outlandish feel to your outfit.
  • Full-faced Venetian masks – a full-faced mask crowned in feathers is dramatic, eerie and glamourous all rolled into one – perfect for any Halloween party or masquerade ball. Such a dramatic mask can be teamed with a simple outfit to really let it shine, or if you want to go all-out think lace, sequins, glitter and glitz to make a statement, you’re sure to be the bell of the ball!
  • Day of the Dead Masks - Originating from the Mexican Holiday celebrated for three days from  31st October

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By: Tracy Chandler

Tracy has been in the masquerade industry for over 15 years.

As an expert crafter, she spends her time sourcing, and buying, Posh Masks designs from the Venetian artisans in Venice, along with researching, and compiling, news, views, ideas, and advice on Venetian mask history and design, Commedia dell’arte characters and masks, the modern day masquerade party and the fancy dress world of Cosplay

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