Want to bring shivers down people’s spine with your costume?

Just Posh Masks Ltd has some of the most elegant and striking skull masks for Halloween. With our ghoulish yet beguiling masks, you’re guaranteed to give everybody a fright.

Crafted using the traditional Venetian paper mache technique, they have gaping eye holes and a nose socket along with sculptured upper teeth.

Skulls are some of the oldest styles of masks, with those crafted by the Aztecs scarily made from the real thing! Back then, they were used to symbolize death and rebirth and to honour the dead, who were believed to come back to visit.

Our authentic masks feature the most elegant designs, which are both eerie and beautiful at the same. These skull masks look wonderful when paired with a flowing black cape.

If you fancy a glamorous mask, this Cream Full Face Filigree Skull Mask has an antique glaze and is finished with polished crystals.  It is ideal for not only Halloween but an apocalypse masked ball. Laser-cut from metal, it will make a stunning decoration once the 31st of October has passed.

If you don’t want to wear a full-face mask, the Baroque Colombina Skull Mask could be ideal. It is finished with a small skull in the center which is painted in red-brown paint.

Explore our spooky collection of skull masks today.