Know somebody who’s a fan of the Phantom of the Opera? The one-eyed mask the Phantom wears to cover up his deformity is iconic and one of the most instantly recognizable.

The original story of The Phantom of the Opera was written by a French writer, Gaston Leroux, and published in 1909. The first film featuring the Phantom came out in 1925 but the musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber has since overshadowed both the original film and novel after it was released in 1986- 70 years after the original story was written.

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Among this collection is this stunning Budget Mask in Filigree Metal which is perfect for Phantom-themed fancy dress parties and has beautiful detailing that sets it apart from other Phantom masks. Highly popular, it is also available as a luxury mask decorated with Swaroski crystals and diamantes.

Our collection also includes this Red Fantasma Venezia Mask decorated with scenes from Venice which is great for masquerade party, masked ball or fancy dress costume.

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