One of the best things about a masquerade ball? It gives you the chance to wear a beautiful mask. 

Transforming you into a lady of mystery and intrigue, a mask can make you feel liberated and unleash that hidden side of you.

Masquerade balls most famously took place in Venice in the 17th and 18th century. Mozart was said to have loved these kinds of parties and dances. Today they take place all over the world and many people have burlesque themed parties, weddings and events.

These types of burlesque balls are extravagant, luxurious and give you the chance to look your most elegant.

Just Posh Masks have one of the widest collections of feminine masks, including the popular lace burlesque masks, in an array of beautiful colours. All our masks are authentic and crafted using traditional techniques by artisans in Venice. No matter your budget, we can help find a mask which suits your needs.

Our styles of ladies masks include those on sticks, half and full-face masks. We also have those which can be attached to glasses, specifically for spectacle wearers. Along with our ladies’ masks, we also have those suitable for men and smaller masks for children. So if your child is heading to a dressing-up party, we could provide what you need.

Explore our range of masquerade masks for women today.