The comedy and tragedy masks are some of the most famous in the world. Otherwise known as the ‘sock and buskin’, they’re been used as a symbol for comedy and drama since the days of Ancient Greece. In particular, they were worn during open-air theatre at the time.

They represent Commedia and Tragedia or ‘Mascherade Ride”, meaning ‘mask that laughs’ and “Maschere Piange”, which means ‘mask that cries’.

Many people like to have these masks decorating their home, especially if they love theatre or acting. As iconic symbols for the arts, they’re also popular for theatre, drama, film and television departments.

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Whether you need them for a costume party or want masks to decorate your home or drama department, Just Posh Masks has a range of styles of choose from. Among our collection is this pair of Greek Theatre Masks which are colored with rich red and black. It has gold leaf detail with sheet music detail and is ideal as a wall decoration. They also make a great centrepiece for a Venetian themed masquerade party.

When worn, they can easily be secured with ribbons.

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