Are you heading to a masquerade ball this summer? Looking to channel a dark and seductive appearance?

In that case, our luxurious black lace masks are guaranteed to transform you into a beautiful man or lady of mystery.

Masquerade balls have been celebrated since the 14th and 15 centuries, with masks originally worn by the prosperous classes to hide their true identity. Once they were mysteriously concealed they could express their opinions without judgment.

These masks were also used to represent people’s different personality traits, with the colour black associated with elegance, sophistication, mystery and seduction.

Masks have the ability to transform us into mysterious, magical creatures, who can both delight and beguile.

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Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for something more extravagant, Just Posh Masks have a wide range to choose from. Among our range is this Berenice Burano Darker Lace Mask that is beautifully decorated with crystals, so it appears like stars on a night sky. It’s ideal for anybody looking to find the same mask worn by Ana in 50 Shades of Grey, who wore the grey version of this beauty!

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