Womens Red Masks


Passionate and fiery, our range of womens red masquerade masks represents the true spirit of the Venice Carnival. Whether you’re looking for a seductive red eye mask, or a devilish character mask, you’re sure to find the perfect accessory for your ball dress in this fabulous section.

Red is one of those distinctive colours that empowers people, whether it’s the wearer of those around her. With associations to fire, blood, power, passion, love and even danger, you can create a number of masquerade personas with any one of our women’s red masks.

With Just Posh Masks’ red masquerade mask, you’ll definitely be dressed to impress. Whether you’re looking for a red masquerade mask to give you a sultry and alluring edge or you want to come across as devilish and mischievous, we’re sure to have just the Venetian mask for you.

Create an air of mystery and temptation, with a half-mask design like the Red Feathered Masquerade Mask – Cigno Fiore Gold. It covers just enough of your face to intrigue people, but the elaborate feather plume and gorgeous glitter finish will attract plenty of admirers.

Or for those lady’s looking for something to really make an impression, we have a number of full-faced Volto masks, like the Volto Masquerade Mask with Jester headdress and feathers, which can be worn as part of an elaborate masquerade ball costume or be used as a stunning display piece.

Regardless of which women’s red mask you go for, with Just Posh Masks you can have peace of mind that all our pieces are made to very high standards using high quality materials for added comfort and an exceptional looking masquerade mask.

Cigno Love Me – Swan Shaped with Hearts
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