Womens Luxury Masks


In this section you’ll find some of our finest womens masks, hand-picked for their luxurious feel, exquisite detailing and timeless style. Choose velvet, lace, feather or paper mache eye masks for a stunning ball look. Look here if you want to opt for our luxury filigree metal masks or an extravagant full-faced feather mask to really evoke that carnival spirit.

High End Masquerade Masks for Women

For the discerning lady who likes the finer things in life, Just Posh Masks have an absolutely beautiful collection of women’s luxury masks. From full-faced Volto masks with plumes of sumptuous feathers to the understated genuine black leather Colombina masquerade masks with cut out detailing, we have something for everyone.

For many women, attending a masquerade ball or costume party gives them the opportunity to take on a different persona, and part of the appeal of masquerade masks is that they offer the wearer anonymity, so you why not go all out and invest in a luxury Volto Armony Jolly Jester Mask, which will give you flair, anonymity and an air of mystery to keep people guessing who’s behind this gorgeous mask.

Or if you want something a little less restrictive, we have a wide variety of Colombina masks that only partially conceal your face, so you can still have a sense of anonymity, without covering your whole face. One of our prettiest pieces has got to be the Metal Lace Cignetta mask that’s handmade in Venice. Crafted from papier mâché, it’s finished with glitter, intricate Venetian Filigree Metal detailing, Swarovski Crystals and diamantes.

Whatever luxury look you’re after, you’re sure to find it with Just Posh Masks’ women’s luxury mask range. We use high quality materials and exacting standards to create authentically styled Venetian masks that are a wonderful addition to any masquerade costume.

Madam Macrame – Smart Lace Decorated Mask with Pearls and Gems
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