Masquerade Masks for Women


We are delighted to stock one of the UK’s largest ranges of authentic womens masquerade masks. Crafted using traditional and modern techniques by artisans in Venice, you’ll find a stunning selection of feminine pieces to choose from.

Our selection of feminine ball masks for the ladies

At Just Posh Masks, we recognise the increasing popularity of masquerade themed events, whether it’s a masked ball, black tie masquerade party, a costume birthday bash or a fabulous carnival. And for those distinguished ladies who want to create the perfect masquerade outfit we have just what you’re looking for in our huge selection of masquerade masks for women.

Whilst the tradition of Venetian masks was to conceal ones identity and masks were made to be unisex, allowing men to dress as women and vice versa; nowadays, for most modern women it’s not so much about the anonymity, but finding the perfect mask to match your outfit, which is why we have included some of our prettier and more feminine masks in this section.

Whether you’re looking for feathers and sparkles as a magnificent accessory to a simple dress or more simple and understated designs that will perfectly complement your ball costume, we have plenty of different masquerade masks designs to choose from. Take a look at our extensive range of half-face masks, such as the Colombina, Larga and Jester masks, which can be finished with feathers, glitter, gold overleaf and jewels or simply painted or gilded.

We also have a number of full-face masks and animal masks like the Cat mask, if you’re looking for something a little different to make you stand out from the crowd. With all our masquerade masks for women made to incredibly high standards using premium quality materials, you’ll find authentic style Venetian masks that offer great value and comfort too.

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Colombina Bella Morte – Unisex Venetian Day of the Dead Eye Mask
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