Resin Masks for Couples

High-quality resin is one of our most luxurious and durable mask materials, which is ideal if you’re both looking for masks that can be worn to multiple events. Our couples resin masquerade masks come in a plethora of exciting designs and colours, from glittering gold to majestic mosaic.

With Just Posh Masks, we offer a wide choice of His ‘n’ Hers Venetian masks that will look truly stunning, whether you’re attending a formal black tie masked ball, masquerade party or heading to a masquerade carnival.

We have crafted a range of masquerade masks for couples that use resin as the basis for creating the mask form. It’s an incredibly versatile and hardwearing material that allows us to create authentically styled masks, like the Colombina or Cigno mask that can be decorated in a variety of styles.

As a couple attending a masquerade ball or any kind of masquerade themed event, you can create a wonderfully unified persona for both of you with any one of our gorgeous couple masquerade mask sets. We simply love the His ‘n’ Hers Cuiffo Fiore Black, which will definitely make you stand out from the crowd with the women’s mask featuring an extravagant central feather plume, glitter detailing and lace braiding, whilst the men’s traditional Colombina is decorated to match without the feathers.

With so many styles to choose from, all made from resin and finished using high quality materials, you and your partner will be fit for any occasion as a masquerade duo.

Colombina Princess – Couples Venetian Masquerade Masks
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