Masquerade Masks by Occasion

What sort of masquerade event do you need your mask for?

Going to a Black Tie Ball - you will need a smart mask if you are a man or an elaborate fancy mask if you are a women

Going to a Charity Masked Ball - you simply need a mask - you can go fancy or plain and simple, it is entirely up to you

Been invited to a Masquerade Wedding reception - pick something that matches your outfit

Taking your holiday onboard a Cruise Ship and one of the event nights is a masked ball - Half face masks are the sensible pick here. For the men, the Colombina or Domino mask, for the ladies, try the metal masks or our half face feather masks

Booked your trip to Venice to go to the Venice Carnival - Full face, elaborate, quirky and fun masks, such as the jokers, jesters and nose masks, are the order of the day for the Carnival. Add a cape and tricorn hat and you are in Character for one of the best events of the year

Your school Prom has announced this year is masquerade - go with half face masks, with or without feathers or our most comfortable lace metal masks 

You are about to turn 'Sweet Sixteen' - again, half face masks, simple Colombina masks or, if the parents are paying, try our luxury metal masks, which can be displayed on your dressing table once your party is over

 Want a mask to decorate - You are sure to have a unique mask at your ball. Masquerading on a budget !


These are just our picks and any of our masks, whatever the event, are suitable


Just remember, the whole idea of wearing a mask is, to have fun