Get some inspiration from our customers

If you have a good photo of you wearing one of our masks then please email it to and, if we use it, we will refund you 20% of the cost of your mask 


Struzzo Silver Feather Masks     Couples Iris Colombina Masks     Black Berenice Lace Mask

Black Ricciolina     Joker Gold Mask     Jester Double Mask

Couples Smoking Teresa masks     Couples Masks Smoking Vanity     Couples Smoking Macrame Masks     

Cignetta and Nasone Masks     Filigree Half Phantom Mask     Phantom of the Opera Mask     

Smoking Phantom Drop     Filigree Onda Black Mask     Semplice Pink and Gold Mask     

Cigno Fiore Piuma on Stick     Black feather mask     Childs baby fiore mask

Venezia Jolly Feathered Mask     Volto Joker Plain Mask     woman wearing side feather mask

Woman wearing small black feather mask     woman wearing silver lace mask     Man wearing mosaic jester mask with headdress

Uomo Phantom masks on customers     Colombina Daniela masks on customers     ladies modelling Just Posh Masks

Phantom Flock Mask on model     Teschio Skull mask modelled on customer     Woman wearing Cat Mask 

Man wearing joker full face mask     Couple wearing filigree metal masks     Woman wearing half phantom with man in blue glasses

Couple in black lace masks     Lady wearing small feather mask     Man wearing jester mask with lady in pink feather mask