Masquerading by Colour

All our masks are genuine Venetian masquerade masks handmade and decorated in Venice. Stand out at your masked ball with a stunning choice of colours and designs. You will not be disappointed 

Each mask has a colour and is decorated with gold or silver trim except for the masks that are 'Plain Trim' in which case the mask is decorated with the same colour glitter as the decoration on the mask. No Trim means your mask is plain and simple with no glitter or feathers

Our complete range of Venetian masks and masquerade masks are available in a whole range of colours. 

So, to see our complete range of Ball masks in black, red, white, green, blue, pink, purple, turquoise or peach, with every colour in between, click on one of the colour swatches below or use the drop down menu at the top of the page

If colour is the most important thing to you then this is the best way of viewing the masks as you get to see what each masks looks like in your chosen colour



Masquerade Masks in Black      Masquerade Masks in Red     Masquerade Masks in White     Masquerade Masks in Gold     Masquerade Masks in Silver

Masquerade Masks in Blue      Masquerade Masks in Pink     Masquerade Masks in Green     Masquerade Masks in Purple     Masquerade Masks in Aqua

  Masquerade Masks in Peach      Masquerade Masks in Ivory     Masquerade Masks in Rust     Blank undecorated masks     Masquerade Masks in Fuschia