Volto Masks

An elegant and sophisticated way to completely anonymise yourself at masquerade events, volto masks are a traditional site at carnivals and balls throughout venice. Below you’ll see a selection of volto masks, including ghostly, bone-white variants and more extravagant, feathered examples.

As with the Bauta, the Volto mask is one of the most iconic Venetian character masks you’ll find. It’s a full-faced masks that covers the entire face that features eye holes, a prominent nose with no mouth opening. However, the Volto doesn’t allow wearers to eat or drink, so it will need to be removed for refreshments, which is worth bearing in mind if you’re heading to a masquerade dinner party.

The Volto mask is usually decorated with ornate jewels, fabric, braiding, gold and silver leaf overlay and features elaborate detailing, which is why many of our customers choose them not only to wear, but also as a stunning display piece in their homes.

For those who are wanting to emulate a traditional Venetian character for a masked ball, carnival or theatre event, the Volto is the perfect choice and at Just Posh Masks we have a huge selection available that can be worn by men and women. We simply love the beautiful Volto Fiore masks with their striking feathered plumes, so you can make a lasting impression.

Whatever style you decide on, with Just Posh Masks you’ll always find high quality Volto masks that are comfortable to wear all night long.

Poker Decor Volto Joker – Full Face Traditional Venetian Masquerade Mask
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