Tragedy Masks

One of the staples of Venetian theatre, the tragedy masquerade mask is designed to convey melancholy, sadness, or even despair. Perfect if you’re putting on a production, these high quality and authentic pieces can be purchased in a variety of styles, colours and materials.

At Just Posh Masks we offer our customers a wide variety of Venetian character masks, so whether you’re looking for the perfect centrepiece to your masked ball costume or an interesting and striking piece of home décor, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

In this section, you’ll find our Tragedy Masks, which depict a sad crying face that is known as the “Maschere Piange”, which literally means “mask that cries”. It is a mask that is popular in TV and theatre with its creased face, sad eyes and turned down mouth, which perfectly portrays a tragic character or event.

If you want to play a tragic character and make a real statement with your masquerade mask, then donning a full-faced tragedy mask is the perfect choice. They’re typically simple designs, painted in gold, bronze or silver and look fantastic with a long-black cape to highlight your masked face.

As with all masks from Just Posh Masks, you’ll find they are designed to be incredibly comfortable to wear and made using quality materials for an exceptional finish. Why not go for something a little different for your masked ball costume with a tragedy mask?

Melpomene masks also known as Muse of Tragedy or Buskin

The sock and buskin are two ancient symbols of comedy and tragedy. In Greek theatre, actors in tragic roles wore a boot called a buskin. Melpomene, the muse of tragedy, is often depicted holding the tragic mask and wearing buskins

Triple Face Mask – Venetian Theatre Mask
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