Long Nose Masks

One of the more traditional Venetian character, the big nose masquerade mask has several different designs and stories behind it. Generally considered a masculine option, you can choose from both the snub-nosed ‘Il Capitano’, and the longer-nosed ‘Scaramouche’ in a number of colours and materials.

With Just Posh Masks we have classic stock Venetian Character Masks that will make sure you look just the part at your next masquerade party, masked ball or carnival celebration. One of the fantastic ranges we have on offer is the traditional Nose Mask Character Masks, which come in two main styles – Scaramouche and Il Capitano.

Scaramouche Masks are traditional Venetian Masks that feature large noses. It’s a Venetian character that has many people arguing over its origins, as Scaramouche, meaning little skirmisher, is a character that some say a reinvention of a brave man of action, who’s quick witted, clever, charming and musical and often seen holding a guitar.

However, others say that Scaramouche is an old man in uniform with a beak-like prominent nose, moustache, beard and glasses who uses his wit and human luck to defeat his enemies.

Il Capitano is another masked character from the Commedia dell-Arte, who talks endlessly about his made up conquests and is often donned as a character for masquerade parties. The masks feature a snub beak-like nose that covers the eyes, part of the forehead and cheekbones and is attached using silk ribbons.

Other nose masks in our range include Zanni, the Plague Doctor, Nasone, Pulcinella and Turco. Why not find your perfect Venetian mask and take a look at our complete Nose Mask range below.

The Capitano nose mask is a beak like snub nose and covers the eyes, part of the forehead and the cheekbones

Some of the other nose masks include Pulcinella, Zanni, Turco and Nasone all with varying lengths of noses

The most famous nose mask is the Plague Doctor mask

Captain Plain – One Colour Il Capitano Snub Nose Beak Mask
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