Comedy Masks

A throwback to ancient Greece, traditional comedy masks are an ideal choice for the jokers amongst us. Irrespective of whether you mix one with a tuxedo, a suit or a more elaborate costume, you’ll turn heads and bring a sense of light-hearted congeniality and joy to any party.

We have a selection of full-faced comedy masks available, including the full-faced Joker Mask, that you just can’t help but smile at. These are masks that depict a happy and smiling face as a Venetian masquerade mask called the “Mascherade Ride”, which literally translates as “mask that laughs”.

This face is an iconic symbol commonly used in television, theatre and the music industry to portray comedic moments, programmes and characters.

It’s an especially eye-catching mask to portray a joyous and light-hearted mood or character at carnivals like Mardi Gras, the Carnival of Venice, masquerade balls, costume parties and theatre productions. Not only that, but they also make wonderfully striking wall display pieces too. If you see yourself as a happy and funny type, then why not don a comedy mask for your next fancy dress party or masked ball. With our masks typically decorated in gold, silver and bronze, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd and bring happiness and laughter to everyone around you.

Our comedy masks are all made to an incredibly high standard to bring the wearer outstanding quality and comfort during wear. Take a look below for all our comedy masks on offer.

Thalia Masks also known as Muse of Comedy or Sock. The sock and buskin are two ancient symbols of comedy and tragedy.  In Greek theatre actors with comedic roles only wore a thin soled shoe called a sock

Triple Face Mask – Venetian Theatre Mask
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