Womens Paper Mâché Masks


Lightweight and cost-effective, our huge range of womens Venetian paper mache masks represents a wonderful alternative to traditional leather leather and lace. Perfect for parties, balls, weddings and more, we carry more than a dozen colours, and a plethora of shapes and styles.

Whilst many of the traditional Venetian masks were made using leather, porcelain and Venetian glass, most modern masquerade masks are made using materials such as resin and papier mâché, which still give a wonderful finish and are incredibly cost effective.

A traditional Venetian mask is made of paper mâché pulp or strips layered into a mould

At Just Posh Masks, we have an impressive selection of women’s papier mâché Venetian masks in a variety of different designs, styles and colours, so if you’re looking for high quality and authentically styled Venetian mask, you need look no further.

Our papier mâché masks are handmade using dampened strips of paper that are soaked in polyvinyl acetate to create a plaster cast. Once dried, these casts are sanded until smooth then painted and decorated in various styles, including feathers, gold leaf overlay, Filigree Metal Lace and traditional pictures of Venetian characters such as the Arlecchino Jester and Colombina Maid, which can be found on the Colombina Commedia Venetian Mask.

With our diverse selection of papier mâché masks, you can emulate a whole host of characters, from a mysterious and elegant female figure in the Luxury Rondine Strass masquerade mask to a more recognisable character in the Guy Fawkes Vendetta mask, which is ideal for costume parties and Halloween.

Find all the inspiration you could possibly need below with our high quality, handmade papier mâché masks from Just Posh Masks.


Princess – Stylish and Smart Womens Masquerade Ball Mask | 4 Colours Available
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