Mens Venetian Paper Mache Masks

A modern interpretation of traditional crafting techniques, our selection of men’s paper mache masquerade masks is perfect for those looking for cost-effective yet stylish designs. Available in a host of colours, styles and designs, there is sure to be something here for you, whether you’re attending a party or ball.

With Just Posh Masks, you’ll find a hugely diverse selection of men’s Venetian masquerade masks that range from intricate Filigree Metal Masks, through to leather masks.

Although traditional Venetian masks were made from leather, porcelain and in some cases glass, we offer a number of fantastic modern alternatives in authentic designs made from papier-mâché. These masks are moulded using dampened strips of paper that are then dried, sanded smooth and painted, making them very durable and comfortable to wear.

They offer an affordable and practical alternative to the more expensive and delicate porcelain, and come in a wide choice of beautiful and intricate designs. Perhaps you’re looking to give your masquerade persona some devilish charm or a sinister edge, then take a look at our full-faced Devil Masks or maybe you see yourself as a mysterious romantic figure with a traditional Bauta Casanova Masquerade mask with Tricorn Hat design.

Whatever look you’re trying to emulate, you’ll find plenty of inspiration with our high quality papier-mâché range below.

Colombina Mezza Double – Mens Stylish Venetian Mask | 2 Colours Available
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