Feather Masks


For a truly striking centerpiece to your masquerade outfit, look no further than this collection of exquisite feathered masks. Modeled on authentic designs that were traditionally worn to the the Venice Carnival, the masks in this range are available in almost any colour

For a truly beautiful masquerade accessory, look no further than our fabulous selection of masquerade masks with feathers. These masks can be everything from half-face eye masks to full-face Volto masks, but they’re all decorated with elegant plumes (piume in Italian) for a luxurious or classic carnival feel.

The feathers used in our authentic masks range from duck or goose, to the more elaborate ostrich. Many masks have a full plume such as the Piena or Rio and some have small feathers with little flowers such as the Daniela (a Giglio mask) or the Iris Piume.

One of our favourites, the Cigno Fiore is also decorated with silk flowers for a pretty touch.

In modern times these masks are generally preferred by women as they tend to be prettier and more glamorous than the plain Colombina masks, but interestingly enough, in historical times it was men who wore the more elaborate "feminine" feathered masquerade masks!

The half face feathered masks are perfect for your masquerade ball as they enable you to eat and drink whilst still wearing your mask, whereas the full face feather masks are more suited to the Venice carnival or Mardi Gras as these hide your identity.

Browse through our wonderful range - we are sure you will not be disappointed with the masks on offer, regardless of the event you're attending, or the outfit you are wearing

Cigno Armony Silver – Feather Venetian Jester Masks with Bells and Pearls | Available in Black or White
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