Cerise Pink Masks


Keen to turn heads? A bold, cerise pink masquerade mask makes for an excellent center piece, and we have a whole host available here - from traditional, feathered designs right through to delicate lace masks that could be paired with an evening dress or ball gown. There are even some men’s masks, for the adventurous man in touch with his feminine side

Just Posh Masks offer a huge range of coloured masks and none are more vibrant and vivacious than our selection of Cerise Pink Venetian Masquerade Masks.

If you’re looking to complement your masquerade costume with a bright centrepiece then a cerise pink masquerade mask could be just what you’re looking for.

We have a number of different style masks from fancy feathered masks and carnival masks through to simple and elegant half-face eye masks that are predominantly decorated in shocking pinks including cerise and fuchsia.

With all our masks trimmed with either gold or silver braiding, they are a wonderful blend of colours and textures with glitter, jewels, lace, feathers and silk ribbons, allowing you to look and feel fabulous all evening long, whether you’re attending a masked ball, masquerade costume party or carnival.

One of our favourites is the Burano Lace Masquerade Mask finished with cerise pink glitter and crystals. It’s wonderfully feminine and delicate and definitely a good choice for those who are craving something different for their masquerade costume.

If bright pinks are your thing, then our range of Cerise Pink Venetian Masks will surely be just what you’re looking for.

Cerise Pink Volto Piuma Piena – Fiore Decoration and Full Black Feathers
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