Blue Masks


Blue masquerade masks have the benefit of being supremely versatile. You can choose from more royal hues for a classy finish, or one of the brighter options for an eye-catching accessory. With a huge range of masks to choose from, for both men and women, we’re sure to have the perfect one for you.

Whether you’re looking for men’s, women’s or children’s masks in blue to complement your masquerade ball costume, at Just Posh Masks you’ll find an impressive range to choose from.

Our Blue Mask range includes a variety of styles from beautifully half-face eye masks with striking blue feathers for the ladies, like the Daniela Silver, through to plain and simple Colombina styles for the gents.

Whatever style of mask you’re looking for to complete your masquerade costume, we have character masks like the Bauta, Jester and Volto, as well as stunning carnival masks, half-face eye masks and feathered masks, so you can make a truly magnificent entrance. There are a number of different shades of blue on offer with our Venetian masks, from navy and royal blue through to pale sky blues that can emulate different moods depending on your persona.

At Just Posh Masks we only use the finest materials to decorate our handmade Venetian masks, which includes acrylic paint, feathers, glitter, jewels and lace which give all our pieces an excellent finish and comfort for the wearer too.

Explore our complete range of Venetian Masquerade masks in blue below and find exactly what you’re looking.

Blue Giglio Fiore Gold with Gold Edging Detail – Half Face Carnival Masks
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