Upcoming Masquerade Balls and Events - 2017-2018

12 Jun 2017


Looking for a masquerade ball to wear your mask in 2017?    

Masquerade balls are always an exciting and glamourous affair - equally well suited to couples and small groups of close friends. If you’re looking for a ball that’s open to the public, you’ll be very pleased to know that there are some fantastic events planned for 2017/2018. These include charity balls, society balls and a small selection of international events for the adventurous thrill-seekers amongst us.

We’ve listed the most interesting events below. We’d recommend going with a small to medium sized group of friends if it’s your first time, but many of the events listed here do accept bookings from individuals and couples too:

Public Masquerade Balls

All of these balls are hosted by societies, or the by the hosting venues themselves. They are open to the public, and will be run with a strong focus on making sure that everyone has a fantastic time. If you’re looking for a good excuse to don your favourite masks, they are the perfect place to start.


Chateau Impney’s Summer Masquerade Ball

Hosted in a truly stunning 19th century manor house modeled on ancient French castles, this glamourous occasion promises to be a real hit. The itinerary features a sumptuous three course meal, served in the cavernous great hall, followed by a live band, and dancing that runs on until midnight.

Black tie/evening wear is an absolute must, as are elegant and sophisticated masks like the items featured in our special masquerade ball masks category

When: Friday 16th June 2017     Where: Chateau Impney, Worcester

More Info can be found here.


The Whitby Pavillion’s Christmas Masquerade Ball

The coastal town of Whitby plays host to a fantastic masquerade ball every year. Held in the town’s pavilion, this glamorous affair draws revelers from all around, and is an absolutely fantastic way to celebrate the festive season. Expect food, coffee, merriment and non-stop dancing until the small hours of the morning.

The dress code is, of course, black tie, and we’d recommend taking sophisticated and elegant masks like the the timeless Semplice Fiore or, for men, the Tagliato ‘Phantom of the Opera mask

When: December 22nd 2017     Where: Whitby Pavilion, North Yorkshire

More Info can be found here.


Oakley Hall’s Masquerade Ball

A stunning black tie affair featuring bubbly, canapes, a four course meal and dancing to finish, Oakley Hall’s masquerade ball is sure to be a night to remember. Situated in a truly splendid country manor, it’s set to carry on until the small hours of the morning, and is an ideal event for first-time ball goers.

As per the organiser’s instructions, formal wear is a must. You’ll also want an elegant masquerade mask of some description - probably a classic, monochrome piece with sumptuous detailing.

When: 14th October 2017     Where: Oakley Hall Park, Hampshire

More Info can be found here.


The Royal Armouries’ New Year Ball

If you’re looking to usher in the new year  with a masquerade party, this event will be just the ticket. Featuring a red carpet welcome, a banquet, chocolate fountains, ice sculptures, dancing and a bevy of professional DJs, it’s guaranteed to be memorable, irrespective of whether you’re going with a small group of close friends, or your significant other.

The event organisers recommend formal wear, and the invitations specify black tie, so make sure you pull out all of the stops. When it comes to finding a mask, we have a range of black tie masquerade masks that’s sure to feature something fitting.

When: 31st December 2017      Where: The Royal Armouries, Leeds

More Info can be found here.



Charity Masquerade Balls

If you’re looking to purchase tickets for an event that’s supporting a good cause, you’ll also be pleased to know that there are a fair few charity balls planned for the coming months, sponsoring a range of organisations from Children’s charities, to individual trusts set up to help and support breast cancer victims.


The Phantom Masquerade Ball

This annual event is hosted by the Children’s Respite Trust, and is always a popular affair. Promising a drinks reception with a ‘mysterious twist’, a three course meal,unspecified entertainment, a casino and the opportunity to dance into the small hours of the morning, this certainly sounds like it’s shaping up to be the event of the season, and we’d strongly recommend it to anyone in the area.

The dress code is, of course, black tie, and if you’re looking for a mask, we’d recommend erring on the side of elegantly unpretentious. You’ll find some standout pieces in our range of specialty charity ball masks.

When: 26th September 2017           Where: Winter Gardens, East Sussex

More Info can be found here.


The Norfolk Show’s Masquerade Ball

Hosted by Break, a children’s charity, this event will take place in a secret garden, and will be flooded with glamorous revellers. The itinerary promises a sparkling drinks reception, gorgeous food and a night of festivities. There’s also unspecified entertainment, which is sure to be fun.

As with the above event, the dress code is black tie, and we’d strongly recommend wearing comfortable shoes too - dancing really does take a toll on the feet!

When: 23rd June 2017      Where: Norwich

More Info can be found here.


The Masquerade Ball in Support of Louise Ballard

Hosted to raise money for a young mum with breast cancer, this one of a kind event is being hosted in the Bannatyne Spa Hotel, Hastings. It promises a close-up magic act, a DJ set, food and all the dancing you could possibly ask for. You'll also be able to party with a clear conscience, knowing that your money is going to a really good cause.  

The event organisers have specified formal wear and, if you’re looking for the right mask, you might be interested in selecting from our list of specialty charity ball masks, which are all idea for this kind of event.

When: 13th May 2017     Where: The Bannatyne Spa Hotel, Hastings



International Masquerade Balls

Open to something that’s situated slightly further afield? If you really want to experience the glitz and glamour of the traditional masquerade ball, you’ll be very pleased to know that there’s a showstopping European event planned for 2018:


The Versailles Masquerade Ball

Elegant, glamorous, breathtaking… Adjectives don’t really o the magnificent L’Orangerie du Château de Versailles justice, and for the first time in the 21st century, this landmark garden is playing host to a public masquerade ball, open to all. Expect a dazzling occasion, featuring a riot of colourful costumed revelers, music, food, drink and, above all, atmosphere.

Bring your very best costumes, and the finest luxury mask that you can lay your hands on, because this one will definitely be a night to remember.

When: June 24th 2017          Where: Versailles, Paris

More info available here.



 We have now updated this blog with the 2018/2019 Masked Balls - When and Where




If you are organising a masquerade ball and you want to be included in our calender of events then please email masks@justposhmasks.com with a brief outline of your Venetian themed event, together with "When" and "Where"  and a link to the page where more information can be found

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